Zakonovskie: Prosecutor Pavlov ‘protected’ parking space controlled by gang

Zakonovskie: Prosecutor Pavlov ‘protected’ parking space controlled by gang
Andrey Pavlov during detention

Andrey Pavlov would receive bribes from the local organized crime for many years.

New details have become known about the detention of 37-year-old Prosecutor of the Bezenchuksky district of the Samara region Andrey Pavlov. According to TLTgorod, Pavlov had to assist in the placement of illegal parking spaces in the city in exchange for the bribe. The prosecutor promised Aleksandr Orlov, who represented Zakonovskie organized crime group, to lobby his interests at the level of the district Prosecutor's Office.

Pavlov was caught red-handed on December 8 when receiving 72.5 thousand rubles ($1.2 thousand). It is likely to be plenty of such episodes in the case. According to sources, Pavlov would receive a ‘remuneration’ from the OCG on a monthly basis.

It was the aforementioned Aleksandr Orlov who filed a complaint against the corrupt prosecutor. The former is a victim in the case of attempted swindling (part 3 of Art. 30 and part 3 of Art. 159 of the Russian Criminal Code) – notably, Pavlov is charged with the same article. According to Orlov, he used to work for Zakonovskie leader Aleksey Ryzhov aka Ryzhy; since March 2016, he had been in charge of illegal parking spaces in the district. There had been about 15 of those – each would bring about 120 thousand rubles ($2 thousand) per month. When Pavlov was the Kirov district prosecutor (until December 2013), the crime group would pay him 87.5 thousand rubles ($1.4 thousand) per month in exchange for car parks’ inviolability. Until April 2016, Sergey Orlov – the late brother of the victim – was responsible for money transfer. At one time, he had worked in the police as the head of a special detention center, and later as deputy head of the Kirov district. Pavlov continued taking money after he was appointed the prosecutor of the Bezenchuksky district. He assured the representatives of the criminal world that he would settle all questions about the inviolability of parking spaces with the acting prosecutor of the Kirovsky district. However, despite the monthly ‘tranches’ from Zakonovskie, the parking lots were regularly checked both this year and last year, and five of them were eventually closed. When Aleksandr Orlov realized that the prosecutor received money without doing anything in return, he filed a report with the FSB.

The prosecutor does not deny knowing Orlov:

“I knew Orlov a little; in October 2017, he began calling me saying he had some problems. I agreed to meet with him and give come advice. At the meeting, he got in my car, threw a bag with money in the glove box, and then I was detained. Say, how could I have made any impact on some parking lots in Samara while in Bezenchuk pretty much all of the time?” Andrey Pavlov told the investigation.

Learn more about the detained prosecutor’s ‘cooperation’ with the local mobs in our tomorrow's material.



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