Zakonovskie OCG leader repents of organizing attack on Samara lawyer

Zakonovskie OCG leader repents of organizing attack on Samara lawyer
Sergey Gafurov in court

According to the court, an entrepreneur Sergey Gafurov, who became the head of Zakonovskie OCG in 2016, was behind the attack on lawyer Tamazi Kerimov, who represented the gang leader's opponent in court. The court's decision on the case will be made on July 23.

A hearing in the criminal case under part 4 and 5 of Art. 33, item ‘g’ part 2 of Art. 111 of the Russian Criminal Code (aiding and abetting to willful causing of serious harm to health, for hire, through bribery) has been held in the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Samara. The defendants in the case are Denis Kovegin, Igor Semin, and Sergey Gafurov, known in the criminal world as Gafur.

They are accused of organizing an attack on Samara lawyer Tamazi Kerimov, whom masked men severely beat with a rebar at the end of April 2016. The victim, who used to represent a Samara businessman in a controversial case against Zakonovskie OCG, survived but sustained serious injuries to legs, shoulder, and head.

According to the investigation, the paymaster behind the attack was Gafurov, who ordered his friend Igor Semin to commit the crime for 110 thousand rubles ($1,733). In turn, Semin hired a former special forces soldier Vladimir Volkov and two former Interior Ministry officials, one of whom was killed in another attack.

The perpetrators of the crime were also detained; Volkov got 6 years in a colony for attacking Kerimov. The investigation against others is ongoing.

At the Samara Court hearing on July 20, 2018, all three men involved in the crime pleaded guilty; having repented of the deed, they promised to never violate the laws of the Russian Federation again.

Zakonovskie leader Gafurov said in court that considered it his duty to compensate the damage caused to the victim “as soon as he was at large.” The Court began its deliberations; the decision on the case of Sergey Gafurov and two other defendants will be made on July 23, 2018.

Zakonovskie OCG was active in the period from the 90s to the early 2000s. Initially, it was headed by Aleksandr Zakonov. After his death in 2004, he was replaced by his bodyguard Aleksey Ryzhov. The organized crime group’s focus was pavilion networks, automobile and boat parking, as well as a significant share in passenger road transport of Samara. The gang members controlled the Kirovsky clothes market largest in the Samara region and a number of commercial enterprises. It was reported that since the 2000s, the activity of the Samara crime group has been controlled by the representatives of the Solntsevskie OCG from Moscow. In 2016, Sergey Gafurov replaced the deceased Ryzhov. 

The detentions of the gang members began in the summer of 2017. Initially, it was reported that Sergey Gafurov was detained by FSB officers for preparing the assassination of a businessman, who was a member of the same gang – Vladimir Izumrudov – aspiring to the position of the OCG leader. Several high-ranking security officials, including two colonels of the local Federal Security Service Directorate, were also detained in 2017-2018 on suspicion of protecting the OCG.



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