Zakonovskie gang members reconvene ahead of time

Zakonovskie gang members reconvene ahead of time
Gang’s bath on the Volga

Samara dismantled a floating bath-restaurant, which the group controlled.

Samara dismantled the floating bath-restaurant, which belonged to the Zakonovskie gang. This was announced by Alexander Khinshtein, the Adviser to the Director of Rosgvardiya.

"No documents, the sold alcohol without a license," Khinshtein tweeted.

The Zakonovskie gang was founded in the 1990s by shot caller Alexander Zakonov. The group controlled the largest clothes market in the Samara region. In December 2004, Alexander Zakonov was shot, after which his security guard Alexey Ryzhov was appointed the leader of the group. After the death of Alexey Ryzhov in 2016, the gang was headed by Sergey Gafurov. The latter was detained in August 2017 on suspicion of preparing an attempt on a businessman from Samara. A month ago, Gafurov got three years in prison on this case.

The siloviki continue to inflict blows on the gang. So, in June of 2018, officers of the FSB for the Samara region found the weapons and explosives cache belonged to the Zakonovskie gang. Two Kalashnikov assault rifles, a Scorpion submachine gun, two K6-92 Wolf submachine guns, a Vepr carbine, a Saiga MK rifle, two PM pistols and other weapons, as well as cartridges to it, were seized.

Special services also detain and arrest law enforcement officers suspected of having ties with the criminal community. At the end of July, the Deputy Head of the Rosgvardiya department of the region, son of the speaker of the Samara region Duma Dmitry Sazonov was detained red-handed. In April, Sergey Gudovany, the Deputy Head of the Economic Security Service of the FSB for the Samara Region, and Pavel Cheremshantsev, the Head of the Department M of the Special Service, were detained.



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