Yekaterinburg: Slavic and Dagestani groups have mass brawl over cryptocurrency

Yekaterinburg: Slavic and Dagestani groups have mass brawl over cryptocurrency
About 40 to 50 people took part in the fight

Naumovskie and Yakovlevskie OCGs, as well as Dagestan representatives were solving the issue of providing protection to a local cryptocurrency banker.

October 16, three crime groups – Naumovskie and Yakovlevskie OCGs, as well as criminal representatives of Dagestan – had a mass brawl over cryptocurrency outside the Caesar hotel (115 Omskaya Street, Uralmash miscrodistrict). 40 to 50 people were having a discussion and then got into a fight.

The reason for the gathering was a conflict between the Slavic and Dagestani crime groups over the protection of a local banker dealing with cryptocurrency, who shall remain nameless. There were Naumovskie and Yakovlevskie OCGs, to whom the banker previously paid for protection, on one side, and Dagestan representatives, namely crime lord Medved and ‘entrepreneur’ Makhach Kumakov, who tried to sway the businessman, on the other side.

The meeting was smartly organized: they set up sentinels at the place of the fight, who saw the SOBR special police approaching and informed the others. Most of the participants in the gathering managed to scatter before law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. Only 11 people, namely the members of Yakovlevskie and Naumovskie OCGs, have been detained. There were a rubber-bullet handgun and traces of blood at the scene of a fight,” a source told Kommersant.

The MIA General Administration in the Sverdlovsk region said that officers of the regional Criminal Investigation Department and National Guard’s SOBR special police responded to the call, not OMON. Several people were taken to the police control room of the territorial Department of Internal Affairs, and the rest managed to escape. No decision on criminal case initiation has been taken yet.

It is known that Yakovlevskie is a crime group of Valery Yakovlev, who used to be a co-founder of Yaguar private security company, eliminated in 2017 (according to SPARK system database). He also had assets in the restaurant business. Allegedly, in the 90s, he had ties with Uralmash OCG and Sinie OCG.

As for Naumovskie, the sources are likely talking about Oleg Naumov aka Naum. He is related to Brigada and Grizli PSCs. Both Yakovlev and Naumov are considered to be gangland businessmen.

The Dagestani crime group is related to a certain crime lord Medved and entrepreneur Makhach Kumakov. Law enforcers know them as people who have ties with the underground business.



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