Yekaterinburg armed gang terrorizes the city  

Yekaterinburg armed gang terrorizes the city
Kapusta’s gang, crime lord’s right-hand man (in the middle)

According to media reports, the gang is operating covered by the local police department.

The Yekaterinburg’s Oktyabrsky district seems to be plunging into the notorious Russian 90's, judging by what has been happening there lately. According to Sverdlovsk’s, local crime boss Kapusta (the Russian for ‘Cabbage’) created an armed gang to control the neighborhood.

The local news agency has obtained a picture featuring all the gang members, who have been terrorizing the entire district. Each of the mobsters has a well-defined range of responsibilities. For instance, Viktor Menshikov is Kapusta’s right-hand man. Menshikov collects money from his ‘constituency’, recruits young people into their criminal community and distributes responsibilities within the gang. Pasha Tolsty is also in the picture: Kapusta’s chauffeur and bodyguard. The other gangsters have all been involved in disorderly conducts and fights: Valery Maisky, Sergey Podgorenko Anton Kovryakov, Sher Gafurov, and Semion.


According to, Semion, who is an active member of the gang, has even been on the wanted list for grievous bodily harm.


The mobsters take pride in their status and post pictures of themselves holding weapons on social media. The group is known to possess Kalashnikov rifles and guns.


The local crime lord Kapusta owns an illegal business. He has a network of outlets selling lotions in ‘fanfuriks’ (Russian slang word for a tiny bottle of alcohol). Once the Prosecutor’s Office got some concerns, the police pretended to be taking measures by dismantling the surrogate alcohol kiosks. However, instead of arresting the stalls selling fanfuriks the police delivered them right into Kapusta’s hands. The crime lord also owns a nightclub called Sharlotta Bar, known for its bloody fights.


Sources added that the local crime boss has a cover at police station #6 that is not only turning a blind eye to the gang’s outrageous activity but provides its full support.



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