Yamal man reveals details of turf war extortions

Yamal man reveals details of turf war extortions
At the scene

According to Yalchin Mamedov, he was summoned for a talk, but no one was actually going to talk to him – his rival simply opened fire.

Yalchin Mammadov, who suffered in a Nadym shootout, spoke to the local news agency Novy Den about the causes of the fight, in which his relative had been killed, with him and his brother getting badly injured.

According to the man, the shooting was started by two brothers named Akhundov, known as members of a local ethnic organized criminal group. The reason was that the family had refused to pay them tribute.

He added that it all had started with the Akhundov brothers, known to belong to a criminal group, summoning him for a talk.

 “Four men came - the Akhundov brothers, Jamil and Garash, and their bodyguards. They got out of a Toyota Land Cruiser. There was no ‘talk’; they just pulled out their weapons and started shooting. They shot directly,” he said, stressing that he and his brothers were unarmed.

Yalchin argues that the group has been collecting tribute from the city’s entrepreneurs since the early 2000s and “is not afraid of the police.”

 “We were considered a well-to-do family, but two years ago, we said we would no longer pay them. I said it was wrong. The city is talking that the head of the group would get away with it if someone took the blame, that is, if someone said he was not the one who shot,” Mammadov said. He said that he is a coach who teaches children and he has never held a weapon in his hands.

The CrimeRussia reported earlier that the incident occurred on the afternoon of December 1. Azerbaijan immigrants were said to have been involved in the shootout. One of the men was killed, two others were taken to intensive care with grave injuries.

According to the Telegram channel Malo Yamala, the clash between the ethnic criminal groups was a part of a turf war. Unofficial reports say that the murdered man, Akshin Gasanov had been the leader of one of the rival gangs. Two wrestling coaches, Yalchin and Mais Mamedov, were injured.

On December 2, it was reported that a suspect in the shooting was arrested.



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