Wives dump Tsapkovskie thugs 

Wives dump Tsapkovskie thugs
Vladimir Alekseev’s wife Photo: KP

It became known after the scandal with Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, who ate delicacies in colony.

Most wives of Tsapkovskie OCG members have divorced their husbands in recent years, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. Some of them broke up with their husbands, and some filed for divorce specifically to save property acquired during the marriage. 

In particular, Natalya Tsepovyaz filed for divorce back in 2017 due to inadequate behavior and threats from her spouse. She changed her second name to her maiden name, Strishnyaya. Their children also changed their surname. According to the marriage contract of the former spouses, the woman received 100% of the agricultural holding company OPKh Slava Kubani and the Sozvezdie restaurant company, as well as agricultural land plots of 4.3 hectares. Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz tried to annul the marriage contract and retain his right to half of the property, but the Kuschevsky District Court denied him. Later, Strishnyaya asked to recover 4 million rubles ($60 thousand) more from her ex-husband. At the same time, it is known that after the divorce, Strishnaya paid the lawyer services for her ex-husband. 

The wife of the gang leader Sergey Tsapok’s uncle, Nikolay, also divorced him. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda's sources, such a decision was made specifically so that the jointly acquired property of the spouses would not be auctioned off in return for payments to the victims of gang actions. In particular, the lawyer of the victims Maksim Koshelev said that bailiffs arrested three cars belonging to Tsapok, including a "Gazelle" and Audi Q7. After that, the spouse of the convict filed for divorce and began to claim half of the arrested property. Subsequently, she herself bought the remaining half. One million rubles ($15,000) paid by the woman was used to compensate the victims. Tsapok had no other property left. 


The wife and daughter of Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz


Nikolay Tsapok’s wife

The wives of Vladimir Zaporozhets and Vladimir Alekseev also divorced them, breaking up all contacts. Zaporozhets’s ex-wife currently lives with another man, the publication says. 

The members of the Tsapkovskie OCG were sentenced to long terms in 2013. The defendants in the case included the gang leader Sergey Tsapok, his uncle Nikolay, as well as Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, Igor Chernykh, Vladimir Alekseev, and Vladimir Zaporozhets. Two more members of the group, Andrey Bykov and Vyacheslav Ryabtsev, agreed to cooperate with the investigation. They were sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment. During the preliminary investigation, two other members of the gang, Sergey Karpenko and Vitaly Ivanov, killed themselves. In 2014, Igor Chernykh committed suicide in a pre-trial detention center. The leader of the gang died of a heart attack in the colony. 


Vladimir Zaporozhets’s wife

Tsapkovskie acted in the Kushchevskaya stanitsa in the Krasnodar region since the late 1990s to 2010. The gang is responsible for 19 murders, robberies, rape, and kidnapping. The OCG members were arrested after they killed 12 persons, including children, in the house of farmer Server Ametov on November 5, 2010.



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