Will Zyatek protect businessmen against Nikitosy OCG?

Will Zyatek protect businessmen against Nikitosy OCG?
Thief in law Zyatek

Local OCGs continue to ‘nightmarize’ businessmen in Shadrinsk, the Kurgan region. In particular, the Nikitosy gang has been receiving large amounts of money from local entrepreneurs for almost 20 years.⁠

According to law enforcers, the gang has long lost its boss, but businessmen are still afraid of the Nikitosy and prefer not to enter into conflicts with them by force of habit.

In particular, in 2013, one of the local entrepreneurs lost his business due to financial debt to the OCG. He had borrowed money at 10% interest rate from them every month. However, then the gang began to demand that he pay a debt of 20 million rubles ($343 thousand), saying that this amount included both the body of the loan and interest.

The businessman did not have enough money to return the ‘debt’, and the bandits, threatening with physical violence, forced him to sell the property and leave for Omsk. Later, the businessman took up entrepreneurial activity in Siberia, however, he continued to give the OCG most of the money he earned as repayment of the loan.

Moreover, the same businessman had borrowed money from several Shadrinsk businessmen; the total amount was 10 million rubles ($171 thousand). Taking advantage of their criminal authority, the Nikitosy monopolized the receipt of money from the entrepreneur, who already owed them a considerable amount of money. At the same time, they got other creditors wait-listed for undefined period. It is noteworthy that none of the businessmen tried to resist this state of affairs. They decided not to get involved with the organized crime group despite that it had lost all of its ‘protectors’ long time ago.

This year, businessmen in Shadrinsk attempted to initiate a dialogue on the return of their money, but found out that the Nikitosy have long got their debt from the entrepreneur and now earn on him, borrowing money at interest.

Figuring out they would not be able to deal with the gang on their own, the businessmen turned to thief in law Zyatek, who lives in Surgut. The Nikitosy had a firm belief that Zyatek would decide in their favor, since they regularly paid him tribute in the form of large sums of money.

After looking into the situation, Zyatek did not support the position of the Nikitosy, who live on the principle that issues need to be addressed not by equity, but based on personal gain. The crime lord decided that the businessman, who had run into arrears in 2013, should pay off the entrepreneurs and return them the 10 million rubles. It is noteworthy that there were debt warrants for all loans.

The Nikitosy OCG was shocked by the decision of Zyatek and decided to press on entrepreneurs through law enforcement agencies. They forced the businessman in question to write a statement that creditors were threatening him and his family. They thus wanted to intimidate the businessmen who turned for help to the thief in law.

In addition, in 2015, two members of the OCG disobeyed the thief in law’s order and brutally beat a representative of Shadrinsk underground. The man died on the way to the hospital. After that, a conflict broke out between one of the Nikitosy and the enforcer of Shadrinsk; the leader of Nikitosy OCG demanded that the enforcer pay two gang members for having to go to jail for the murdered criminal. According to them, the latter was punished for the conflict of 2011. It is notable that it was thief in law Sukhach that dealt with the resolution of that incident; he came to Shadrinsk specifically for this purpose.

Since Nikitosy were not satisfied with the decision taken by Sukhachev, they instructed to beat the criminal, thereby breaking the ‘thieves' word’. They were not afraid of Sukhach’s revenge, as they were aware that he was in prison and had no link whatsoever with the outside world.

It should be added that the Nikitosy OCG began to operate in Shadrinsk in early 2000s; it consisted of members of other gangs, and its leaders were also members of the Chechentsy OCG. Mostly, the Nikitosy dealt with car thefts and drug trafficking. Now they are attempting to legalize their business, giving out loans to local businessmen.



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