“We killed those businessmen who did not submit.” How Osya testified in businessman Sergey Vyalkov’s case

“We killed those businessmen who did not submit.” How Osya testified in businessman Sergey Vyalkov’s case
Sergey Butorin (Osya)

Among the prosecution witnesses was one of the leaders of the gang, Sergey Butorin (Osya), who is serving a life sentence.

During the hearings in the Moscow City Court on the case of the alleged treasurer of Orekhovskaya criminal group Sergey Vyalkov, who was acquitted by the Moscow City Court jurors, one of the leaders of the group, Sergey Butorin (Osya), serving a life sentence, acted as a prosecution witness, Rosbalt reports.

At the trial, Butorin told about the criminal group he headed in the past: “We were a gang. And we killed those businessmen who did not submit.” The crime lord spoke about the relationship of Vyalkov with Orekhovskiye. According to his version, Vyalkov, who was accused of attempting to assassinate the Deputy Head of the MIA Moscow Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime

Nikolay Petrov in 1998, decided to ‘order’ the police officer since he suspected that he had been monitoring him. The same information was confirmed by the right-hand man of Butorin in the criminal group, Marat Polyansky. Another member of the gang, Alexander Vasilchenko, also gave testimony.

According to the investigators, Vyalkov, suspecting Petrov of monitoring him and the leaders of Orekhovskaya gang, shared his fears with Butorin, after which he commissioned the murder to the in-house killer of the group, Vasilchenko. The latter fully admitted guilt. Representatives of Vyalkov said that the case against him may be related to the redistribution of business in Odintsovo district, where the businessman owns many assets.


Sergey Vyalkov

The jury listened to the arguments of the defense and Vyalkov himself, who stated that he had not seen Petrov since 1992, and he had no motive to orchestrate the assassination attempt. When passing the verdict, the jury was evenly divided, which the laws of the Russian Federation interpret in favor of the accused. As a result, Vyalkov was acquitted. The prosecutor's office intends to appeal this decision.

Vyalkov’s case could have been sent to the Babushkinsky District Court, where it was not possible to hold hearings with jurors, since the Moscow City Court initially decided that the case was not in the jurisdiction of the city court. However, the defense of the businessman has reached the nullification of this decision, which made it possible to acquit him.



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