Water salesman turned out to be Vakhitovskie OCG leader

Water salesman turned out to be Vakhitovskie OCG leader

Vakhitovskie kept at bay Nizhnekamsk at the turn of the 90s and 2000s. On their account there are murder, extortion and kidnapping. Today, its leader, who faces a long term for the creation of the gang, is the businessman and co-founder of LLC Izhevsk Istochnik.⁠

To the Supreme Court of Tatarstan the criminal case against the leader and active participants of the criminal group Vakhitovskie, which committed crimes in Nizhnekamsk from 1998 to 2004, was removed. The OCG was supervised, according to investigators, by the businessman Aydar Sabirzyanov, known more as Tazbol. The defendants in the near future will be very Sabirzyanov and seven of his henchmen. The investigation charged them for a variety of criminal offenses - Banditry (Article 209), Murder (Article 105), Kidnapping (Article 126), Armed Robbery (art. 162), Extortion (Article 163), Arms trafficking (Art. 222). Most of the Vakhitovskie did not recognize their guilt.

Meanwhile, Kommersant was able to read some materials of the criminal case. According to reports, Aidar Sabirzyanov was engaged in the business of mineral water, establishing a company LLC Izhevsk Istochnik and selling non-alcoholic beverages by LLC Aquarius before his arrest under the Vakhitovskie case. His accomplices, according to investigators, had less successful life - among them are unemployed, two office managers and master of tattoo parlor.

According to the case file, Aidar Sabirzyanov started his criminal career in the mid-80s. Then he joined the members of the organized crime group Krasnoklyuchinskie, established in the Krasny Kluch village near Nizhnekamsk.

In the early 90s Sabirzyanov aka Tazbol with several other Krasnoklyuchinskie joined the larger Vakhitovskie OCG.

These years had been accompanied by the redistribution of influence spheres with other Nizhnekamsk gangs, which tried to set control over the city's business structures. According to the investigation, in order to counter Tatars and Mamshovskie Sabirzyanov thoroughly armed his people - many members of the OCG had PM pistols and a large supply of ammunition.

The materials contain information that in 2001 Vakhitovskie kidnapped participant of the OCG Dynamovskie, engaged in the sale of OJSC TAIF-NK products, in order to obtain a share of his profit. Sabirzyanov did not spare even close - in 2002 he kidnapped his army friend, from whom, beating, he claimed more than 500 thousand rubles. In 2002 members of the criminal group eliminated competitors, shot the leader of the OCG Tatars in his car. Vakhitovskie acted in an organized way until 2004, while law enforcement agencies defeated the gang.



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