War of Tajik criminal clans erupting in Moscow

War of Tajik criminal clans erupting in Moscow

Following the growing tensions between Azerbaijani ethnic groups after Rovshan Lenkoransky's murder, a conflict broke out in the criminal environment of Tajikistan natives. The crime boss Abudzhaborr revolted against his former partner in illegal business and provoked a war between the Tajik organized crime groups by ordering an attack on the latter.

Ethnic crime groups have intensified their activities in the Moscow region. In early November, we told about the merging of clans of the Azerbaijani thieves in law Gulya, Vagif Bakinsky, and Rashad Gyandzhinsky, who began actively and rapidly subjugating the Azerbaijani business in Moscow. We have learned that a criminal war between Tajik mafia groups is now erupting in the capital.

According to Rosbalt citing a source in law enforcement bodies, there is a conflict between the Tajik criminal authorities Khadzhi Abudzhaborr and Lutfullo, who used to have friendly relations.

Lutfullo, who has experience of leading one of the Tajik special forces units, used to provide strong-arm cover to Abudzhaborr's crime group during the capturing of spheres of influence in Tajik business in Moscow. In exchange for this, as the source reports, Abudzhaborr would share the criminal income, giving away a greater part than the one he left to himself.

However, Abudzhaborr was not satisfied with this; putting a team of military forces together, mainly comprised of athletes, Abudzhaborr has provoked a conflict, greatly cutting Lutfullo's share, and then organizing a murder attempt on his life. According to the source, Lutfullo is currently in a secret location healing his wounds and planning to retaliate against the former partner.

The Rosbalt's source in law enforcement bodies reports that if the war goes into an active stage, there will be more victims than during the Khovanskoye cemetery carnage, in which Abudzhaborr's men had also taken part.



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