Volochkova reacts to poem about her intimate relationship with Senator Arashukov

Volochkova reacts to poem about her intimate relationship with Senator Arashukov
Anastasia Volochkova and Rauf Arashukov

On her Instagram page, the dancer responded to a comic poem about her relationship with the arrested senator.

Russian ballet dancer Anastasia Volochkova on Instagram responded to the comic poem of journalists about her intimate relationship with the arrested Senator Rauf Arashukov.

The ballet dancer acknowledged that Rauf Arashukov repeatedly approached her after performances. According to Volochkova, the dancer denied him joint trips to the bathhouse and intimacy, which caused his discontent as an “offended man.”

At the same time, the ballet dancer noted that she does not deny the fact of acquaintance with the arrested, while many now deny it, but described him as a person “always distinguished by excessive bragging with money and capabilities, boasting about permissiveness, arrogance and disregard in communicating with people, non-fulfillment of financial arrangements for performances and cheap "showing off of out-of-towners."

“He believed that everyone is obliged to obey him. As the saying goes, he showed off too much," Volochkova wrote.

The former prima of the Bolshoi Theater earlier told in an interview with MK that at their last meeting Arashukov tried to drag her into the hotel room in Barvikha, invited her to the sauna, and insisted so much that Volochkova literally had to fight back. Ballerina noted that she was not surprised at the initiation of a criminal case against the senator, and some time ago a poem was heard live on Vesti-FM about a connection between the ballerina and the arrested.

January 30, The CrimeRussia reported on the arrest of the senator from Karachay-Cherkessia Rauf Arashukov on suspicion of involvement in the killing of two people, participation in the OCG and pressure on the witness. His father, a top manager of Gazprom, Raul Arashukov, is suspected of embezzling 30 billion rubles ($458mln). The nephew of Arashukov Sr., Ruslan Arashukov, who holds the post of head of Gazprom Gas Distribution Astrakhan, was also detained.



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