Volobuy's gang, part IV 

Volobuy's gang, part IV
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Today, The CrimeRussia publishes the final part of the investigation into the Kursk criminal community, which was headed by local mob Dmitry Volobuev. Some time ago, an acting employee of one of the law enforcement agencies contacted us. The officer’s story sheds light on the main issue in this criminal epic. Why did the local gang act with impunity for many years on the territory of Kursk, and who could patronize the brothers. We publish the second part of our conversation with him.

- Why Volobuy collected dirt?

- Because of Sergey Alexandrovich Alferov, the current head of the Сriminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kursk region. Volobuev had information that he, during his service in the police department No. 5 of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the city of Kursk, provided his car to fellow operatives for transporting the body of a man killed by policemen to the Kursk district. After that, influential relatives hid Alferov, and then he was also promoted. I don’t know why Volobuev needed Alferov and what he wanted to get from him, in 2010–2011, according to the information transferred by Volobuev’s people to the Department of Internal Affairs, operational check on the Alferov’s relations with a non-ferrous metal trader Puzanov was ongoing. After settling some issues, the check against Alferov was terminated... What was demanded of him? What have they achieved? But with regards to another character, Alexander Vladimirovich Emelyanov, the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Kursk region, the authority had information... about an attempt.


Volobuy was detained on March 7, 2017 in Kursk. He is suspected of organizing the contract killing of his peers - another regional criminal world leader, Sergey Delyukin, nicknamed Dil. Then Volobuev was charged with the creation of a gang, which, according to investigators, included the vice-mayor of Kursk Nikolay Zaitsev. All of them were accused under Art. 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Organization of the Criminal Community or Participation in it), which threatens with a long prison term, up to life imprisonment.

- Attempt? Not a death threat?

- It was an attempt. In the late 90s, drunken Emelyanov, working as an operative in the police department, almost killed his lover Oksana Okhotnikova. He brought her to the department, sat her on the bench in the duty unit, began to talk about loyalty to him as a partner. He decided to nightmarize her. At that time, the Whirlwind operation was conducted in the city. There were some employees and riot police in the department. Someone of them went to the toilet and forgot a loaded machine gun on the table. Emelyanov grabbed it and started shouting that if she had sex with others in his absence, he would shoot her. And he pressed the trigger... By fatal accident, the cartridge was in the chamber; the weapon was unlocked. The girl got a fractured left shoulder injury. The head of the police department by the name of Glazov ordered to cover the subordinate. The room was restored. Bullets are still in the walls. Colleagues testified that she had grabbed the machine gun and, saying that she would kill herself, made shots. As a result, Emelyanov is dismissed from the police and then is reinstated in the service. The girl remained disabled.


The police unit where the girl was attacked

- Well, how to prove that everything was as you said? What did she not shoot herself? 

- Situational expertise. Try to take AKSU, charge it and press the trigger - do you know what will happen? You will fire no more than one shot, as the recoil will jerk up. And since the thumb of the right hand, which only can pull the trigger, does not have a palm pressed to the pistol grip of the submachine gun (as in normal shooting with the index finger), the outer surface of the thumb of the right hand will hit the arms. And the inner cushion of the phalanx will instantly leave the descent. You will fall unconscious. The investigation prosecutors covered the attempted murder. And that was precisely it, since he could not understand what he was doing, Emelyanov got two ways out - either to go and tell everything to the supervisory authorities (especially since the statute of limitations for the crime has gone out), or to sit silently and agree with the possible demands of the blackmailers. I do not know what and how Volobuev demanded from Emelyanov. But as far as I know, they had contacts. However, I can understand him.

- But you mentioned some people. Say something about them too.

- Of course. This is the former Head of the Kursk Ministry of Internal Affairs on duty Konstantin Sukhotsky, Head of the industrial police department Igor Bukolov, Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Kursk region Alexander Samokhov, several persons from the management team of the ICR in the Kursk region. Each of them has its history... The only one ‘muddy’ person is Sukhotsky. The cops might be brought to disciplinary responsibility has long passed. Separately, there is a deputy of the Kursk city assembly, Maxim Vasilyev, whom Volobuev saved from his discharge, and wife of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kursk region Zhanna Inozemtseva.


The mansion of Kursk police officer Sergey Gerasimov

- So, Samokhov. He is also a former UBOP officer from the original guard of Minenkov and Ledovskikh. There were rumors about his wife Svetlana Samokhova, who owns the hairdressing business in Kurchatov, Kursk region... But I was not a tax inspector... I did not know her husband for the time being. He served, worked, behaved like many others. If he did something, he did not come across. Anonymous letters came to us and covered that he eats and orders anabolic steroids. He does not trade them. In the autumn of 2014, the officer organized something similar to the provocation and falsification of the data of operational investigative activities. More precisely, observing the crew of the traffic police under the village of Zolotukhino, he was very likely to plant a bottle of brandy into the Traffic Police crew’s trunk, which appeared as a bribe. Why so? The fact is that he bought a similar bottle shortly before at a grocery store near the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Does it look like a coincidence?


Nikolay Minenkov

- Not really. That's all?       

-  A few hours before the detention of the alleged bribe takers, Samokhov and his subordinates contact those who will appear as a victim, talk to him, call the ICR officers in the Kursk region. These printouts of phone connections are in the criminal case of a certain Igor Pashkov, one of the traffic police officers. And despite this, the criminal case goes to court, and the traffic cops are sentenced. We were ready to initiate the check of Samokhov and his subordinates. And then, as a high-ranking policeman told me in a conversation, same General Grigory Kulik shouted at Samokhov that he could safely be taken into custody for this crime. He said that it’s the happiness that the court pronounced the conviction.

-  And how is Volobuev related to this?

- Yes, it seems that his guys talked with the victim, having learned about the situation from the investigators of the Investigative Committee. They talked under the record. Well, how can you refuse such “good people” to be frank? So he probably did not manage to resist the charm of a baseball bat or another "advanced instrument of inquiry." And then he allegedly repeated the recognition on the video. Where is the crime? Moreover, Volobuy had many fighters. Identify the one who led the dialogue with you. It is tough to find him... Well, Volobuy replenished the collection with another masterpiece. I don’t know whether he used it or not, but the fact... During a reception with the head of the department of priority cases investigation, S. B. Golubnichenko, one of the relatives of the pursued traffic cops recorded a conversation with him. He behaves and speaks as he tries to elude answers; it is fascinating! Here you have a flash drive. Listen from nine minutes fifty seconds on. As Golubnichenko says that he and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin drinks coffee together.

- And the others you mentioned?

- With regards to Sukhotsky ... This is the darkest story. The only part of the puzzle is known, but it is also impressive. There is such a businessman - Andrey Sitnikov; he is a former policeman aka Adidas. At the beginning of the 2000s, he asked Sukhotsky (who worked as a precinct at the police station on 2nd Rabochaya Street) to call some of his abusers to talk to him. Sukhotsky and his colleague, Ivan Korovin, agreed. They talk to him and let him go. On the way home, Sitnikov and his partner attacked the one near the abandoned bathhouse. They killed the man, and leave. The case remains unsolved. Several years ago, Evgeny, mentioned above, has begun to share incomes with Sitnikov, turns to Volobuy for help. He retells the whole story, asks whether it is possible to bring Sitnikov to justice. Volobuev says that the statute of limitations on the case is either expired or is about to expire. And therefore it is difficult. He explains that even if it is retrained for attempted murder by a group of persons (where the statute of limitations may be canceled at the discretion of the court), then both of them will be imprisoned. Come on, he says, we will solve the issue with your Sitnikov in such a way. If they do not put him in prison, they will dismiss him in disgrace ... Moreover, Sukhotsky managed to get the rank of lieutenant colonel without a diploma of higher education, while studying in the initial course of a university... That could also be verified during the test. Therefore, I would not be surprised if the alternative was to choose the help of the bandits. Moreover, knowing Volobuy, I am far from the opinion that he used only the whip. He seemed just to maintain a steady, friendly relationship with Zhanna Inozemtseva (she works in the MIA inquest). I went to her house, talked. So the question was, what did Volobuyev need? You can check the fact of communication by raising the call detail for 2016-2017. Another dark spot.

- What about Bukolov?

- Yes ... Igor Valentinovich ... I am also familiar with Dima in the police department No. 6, in my place of residence ... And I am intimately acquainted. At least, I know the detailed history of the exploits of this gentleman; there are many interesting things. First of all, real estate. That is how much money the mother of a police colonel, Valentina Nikolaevna Bukolova acquired the ownership of non-residential premises at Klykova Avenue 52A, room 202, on the territory of the Pyaterochka storу on September 23, 2014? She also got the apartment on Institutskaya Street through the court decision with the participation of a friend of Igor Valentinovich, an individual lawyer D. Polosukhin. The situation is as follows: a man and a woman living in the apartment. A man (someone Demin) dies. And then there is a receipt that before his death the deceased received money from his mother Bukolova (Valentina). Allegedly agreeing to sell a share in real estate. The second co-owner (Martyanova) also dies. By chance?

- It may be a mad accident ...

- Elderly woman born in 1952 personally goes to the apartments with money, collects receipts from the lumpen and gives money... Domostroiteley Street, Building No. 2, Building No. 9. It was purchased in participatory interest from the efficiency plant by the sisters - Lyubov Nikolaevna a Bobryheva nd Valentina Nikolaevna Bukolova. Both pensioners. Now there is a pre-school educational institution called Limpopo. Also a garage with a basement on Zavodskaya Street... A rather big garage... Olshansky 43A, apartment 25. There lived a certain Roman Mikhailovich Lozhkarev born in 1977. Now it seems he is doing time somewhere ... He abused alcohol. He sold the apartment to Andrey Selyutin, who also appears in the court materials on Institutskaya Street. Black realtor. Selyutin sold an apartment to a certain Lopatina in February 2005; then it is being sold to Shatskaya. And then the housing has already been sold to Tatiana Bukolova (Igor’s wife). She lived here for a long time; then she sold her by some Galkin... Dmitry Volobuev helped her to take away an apartment. Then he helped Bukolov to become an honorary donor.

- There is a bed; there is a nurse. There are a catheter and capacity. They take blood - you leave. Where is the field for fraud?

- In the journal of accounting, I even studied the scheme. The fact is that instead of one donor patient, you can enter another. If this is not a regular one, then no one will notice. But each person got a number. He has his own. It is harder to fake and distorts it. Under Igor, V. Bukolov will be different numbers belonging to other people. The sheet is archived. And that's all. Moreover, according to my data, Bukolov suffered from hepatitis. By the way, the car of Igor Valentinovich, Honda CRV, is also designed for the mother.

- Further, deputy Maxim Vasilyev. Volobuev came into close contact with him in the line of work of management companies. For some misdeeds, Volobuev began to beat Maxim Vasilyev. But that is not timid - he gave the change. During the fight, opponents fell to the ground. They have pulled apart. Volobuev shouted like mad, threatened to kill Maxim. But somehow they found points of contact, they agreed on interests. Then, when Maxim was detained in the case of a bribe, Volobuev, according to my data, was harnessed. As is known from operational sources, about 40 million rubles left for Moscow. Maxim Vasilyev and his father cashed money from all controlled firms. The ultimate recipients of the bribe were people close to the currently convicted ICR officers Lamonov, Nikandrov, and Maksimenko. As a result of this deal, operatives of the regional ICR were convicted. For this purpose, an investigator from the State Committee of the ICR Frolov arrived in Kursk and launched a vigorous activity. In Moscow, they almost put investigator Davydov in charge of the criminal case. Everyone knows about it, but they are silent. Maxim Vasilyev does not hide. However, the paradox is that no one deals with this issue. Vasil’evs are afraid of everyone in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including the police leadership. It is like such a conditioned reflex, when a living organism, having experienced pain somewhere, is afraid of its repetition. This is compared to the fact that Volobuev seems to cover up to two town bosses from Kursk ICR from the consequences of a drunk fight.

- The crime took place in April 2015 in the city of Kursk. Then Vladimir Usov headed the ICR in the Seimsky district of the city of Kursk, and Anatoly Zimin led the department of the ICR in the Zheleznodorozhny district and the Kursk district. For a couple of years before that, Zimin and Usov served “in submission.” Why do I highlight the phrase “in submission”? Yes, because it was formal. Usov was the prosecutor. His father is also a prosecutor, retired from the post of the prosecutor of the Oktyabrsky district of the Kursk region. The son wanted more. Tolya Zimin followed him.


Vladimir Usov

- Where did he come?

- To the Seimsky Investigation Department of the Prosecutor's Office even before the separation of the investigation and supervision. Zimin is a boy with a "secret." He loved to misuse alcohol. But he has a father in the Kastorinsky district, Anatoly Viktorovich Zimin. And according to my data, the father had an old friendship with Vasily Piskarev.

- Former deputy of Bastrykin? The hero of articles about ties with organized crime groups?

- Yes, he is. So, according to my information, Zimin Sr. was caring for Piskarev’s elderly mother, who lived in one of the districts of the Kursk region. And he asked General Piskarev for a favor. Piskarev agreed, and the life of yesterday's student Tolya began to improve. Joining the wing of Volodya Usov, he directly found himself. After a little more than a year, the 26-year-old boy was already the deputy head of the ICR department, since both Usov and the district prosecutor quickly understood the prospects of finding an employee with such a distinguished origin.

- What does it mean?

- After all, Usov starts to take care of Zimin in every possible way. And once, on April 18, 2015, being alone on the street (apparently, consumed alcohol), Usov and Zimin get involved in a fight with a group of young people. They lost the fight. Both officers got off with bruises. The participants of the mess were lying in the dust, falling, shouting ... The police officers that arrived at the scene, took them to the police station No. 4 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Kursk. After interviewing both, they called the ICR in charge and handed over the “catch” there. Usov didn’t want his participation in drunken debauches to reach the leadership, because five months before that, on May 13, 2014, he had fallen into the same fight in the center of Kursk. A criminal case is launched over beatings. Zimin is also not an angel, and a few years before he had been convicted for drunk driving. Being, by the way, the employee of the Prosecutor's Office.


Anatoly Zimin

- Volobuev is also related to this case. The opposing side talked with a couple of lawyers, entered the then-scandalous newspaper People's Journalist, and began to prepare positions. They did not find sympathy for high-ranking colleagues. Despite the fact that, following the results of the procedural inspection, the investigator of the regional ICR Tabakar refused to initiate a criminal case, at least “deeds” of Usov and Zimin were accused of disorderly conduct. I learned the answer to the question in two years. It turns out, Usov and Zimin went to Dima Volobuy, talked. Volobuy promised to "solve the problem." But I know Volobuy. Therefore, I believe, he is not modest. After the end of the negotiations, the enthusiasm of the complainants and supporters of the truth comes to naught, and the case was terminated. After about a year, Zimin is dismissed for a drunken ride, and Vladimir Usov is transferred to Tula, to the post of deputy head of the regional administration of the ICR.

- What do you think about Volobuev’s methods?

- He is not a stupid thug; he didn’t always solve problems using for... He could come and ask (or instead send someone from his brigade). He could give money. He could intimidate, finally.

- And if “competent authorities” go to them now and ask? Will they tell the truth?

- Maybe not ... Part of the brigade is free, their finances are mobilized. After the arrest of the leadership of the gang, the director of the capital repair fund was beaten... The case was launched against the investigator, who initially led the criminal proceedings on the group. 

- How would you sum up?

- This gang was based on money, blood, and blackmail. For the time being, such a strategy gives a stable result. However, the slightest discord in this mechanism leads to the destruction of the system, under the rubble of which its creator often perishes. The economy is the field where Volobuev and others like him have to develop.




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