Volgograd region Investigative Committee department ex-head could be brains behind attempt on governor 

Volgograd region Investigative Committee department ex-head could be brains behind attempt on governor
Mikhail Muzrayev, ex-Head of the Investigative Committee department of the Volgograd region

According to the investigation, Mikhail Muzrayev was involved in an attempt on the Head of the region, organized by the group of Evgeny Remezov.

Evgeny Chernousov, lawyer and retired Interior Ministry Colonel, in an interview with Tsargrad expressed his assumptions about the role of Mikhail Muzrayev, ex-Head of the Volgograd region Investigative Committee's department who was detained yesterday, in plotting an assassination attempt on Governor Andrey Bocharov.

According to Chernousov, the decision to eliminate the Governor was made because he was determined, reluctant to negotiate with local criminal groups.

“Volgograd is a difficult region, and Bocharov, being independent and so determined to boot, blocked some channels. The Volgograd region has always been associated with mafia and criminality. However, there were created structures before him, and security forces joined them. When he began to sort out the mess, he apparently affected the monetary interests of these people,” the Colonel suggested.

Chernousov believes that the detained investigator, most likely, was the think tank of the gang, which planned to carry out the attempt itself. According to the Colonel, Muzrayev, from all appearances, has been under surveillance for a long time.

At the same time, Chernousov noted that there should a structure above the security forces controlling them. Otherwise, "they are not afraid of anything."

“Only stupid people may not understand that there should be a structure of professionals above the security forces, which would not depend on the Minister of Internal Affairs or the FSB at all. An absolutely separate one, which would report directly to, say, the President and his administration,” he explained.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that yesterday searches were being conducted all day in Volgograd. They took place at Muzrayev’s home and country house and at local 'authoritative' businessman Vladimir Zubkov's, better known in certain circles as Zubok. Some documents were found at his home that featured the name of Lieutenant-General Muzrayev. Zubok was detained as well as Muzrayev.



To recap, May 23, Volgograd businessman Evgeny Remezov was detained in Moscow. He was accused of involvement in the assassination attempt on the Governor of the region, Andrey Bocharov. According to sources, it was Remezov that testified against Muzrayev.



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