Violations found in elite country house settlement previously owned by Turbazovskie leader

Violations found in elite country house settlement previously owned by Turbazovskie leader
Turbazovskie OCG

Well-known Chelyabinsk businessmen and deputies live there.

Chelyabinsk environmental prosecutor's office has revealed violation of forest protection requirements at the former Kedr tourist base, whose co-founders were Sergey Chashchin, convicted in the Turbazovskie case, and Viktor Ardabyevsky, former city manager of Miass, who is a defendant in the case of the same organized criminal group. 

In this picturesque place in the protected zone of the nature reserve Lake Turgoyak, there are palaces of famous businessmen and deputies. This is reported by According to the prosecutor's office, now this plot of land is being leased by Priroda, who uses it without a forest development project, which includes measures for the rational use of forest resources, the reproduction of the natural environment, and the fire protection of forest facilities. As noted by the press service of the regional prosecutor's office, the forest declaration and report on forest use are not provided by the forest user in the State Administration of Forest Management of the Chelyabinsk region. 

Озеро Тургояк

Lake Turgoyak

A case of administrative offenses provided for by part 4 of Art. 8.25 of the Code on Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (The use of forests in breach of the terms of a contract of lease of a woodland tract, a contract of purchase/sale of stands, a contract of use of a woodland tract concluded for a fixed term on a noncompensatory basis or other documents under which woodland tracts are provided) and part 1 of Art. 8.32 (Violating the fire prevention rules in forests) has been initiated against Priroda LLC. The materials have been transferred for consideration to the State Administration of the Forest Management of the Chelyabinsk region.

The inspection was conducted at the request of local eco-activists. Previously, two of them – Tatyana Yakimova and Dmitry Lazarev – had attempted to penetrate the closed territory of the recreation center, but met with resistance from the side of the guard. After that, the social activists appealed to the environmental prosecutor's office, noting that there might be residential buildings belonging to people from criminal circles on the site next to the nature sanctuary. No response to the fact of a possible illegal structure in the defense zone has not yet followed from the authorities. 

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, the Turbazovskie had created a cohesive organized criminal group to commit homicides for hire, fraud on a large scale, and extortion. Subsequently, the money earned by criminal means would be legalized in the sphere of high-profit business. Numerous nature management facilities came under the control of an organized criminal group, such as territories located around lakes, rivers, and natural monuments that were resold or used for recreation.

In 2012, one of the OCG leaders, Sergey Chashschin was arrested on suspicion of organization and perpetration of a double murder. Investigators said that there could be more than 40 serious crimes on his account and on the account of his apprentice, Ralif Faizov, also arrested.

Later on, Chashchin, accused of leading a structural subdivision within the criminal community responsible for the murder of two or more persons committed by an organized group for hire, as well as several attempted murders, concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation.

Based on his testimony, FSB officers detained Head of Miass, Viktor Ardabyevsky, in 2013.

In 2014, Chashchin was sentenced to 13 years in a high-security penal colony.

The case of Viktor Ardabyevsky, who is accused of contract killings and banditry, is still underway.



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