Vienna arrests 'Russian killer №1' again after decision on his extradition

Vienna arrests 'Russian killer №1' again after decision on his extradition
Aslan Gagiev Photo: The CrimeRussia

After two years of proceedings, Austria granted the request of the Prosecutor General's Office to extradite Aslan Gagiev, known under the nickname Dzhako, to the hands of Russian law enforcers. Negotiations on the extradition of the leader of the killers' gang, which members are charged with more than 60 murders, lasted from 2015.

The Vienna's Higher Regional Court decided to extradite Aslan Gagiev to Russia, although Bulgaria also sent a request for extradition, where Gagiev was accused of forging documents.

According to Kommersant, after issuing a decision on extradition, Gagiev was not taken into custody in the courtroom. After talking to lawyers, he left in a car with a driver on which he had earlier arrived in court. However, a kilometer away from the court building, Gagiev's car was blocked by the special forces of the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs and he was taken to another court of the Austrian capital, which authorized his new arrest.

It should be noted that the special unit for combating organized crime secretly monitored Gagiev, after he was released on bail of 100 thousand euros in March 2017. After making a decision to extradite the killers' gang leader, it was decided to arrest him so that he did not hide from the country. It is reported that Aslan Gagiev will stay in a prison until the Justice Minister of Austria does not approve his extradition.

Meanwhile, lawyers of Gagiev were almost sure that the Higher Regional Court, which returned the case for new consideration to the court of first instance several times, would refuse to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, and Gagiev himself appeared at the hearing without things, although, according to the newspaper, looked tense.

However, the chairman of the Senate of the Higher Regional Court, Leo Levnaik-Ivanski, found no grounds for rejecting the request of the Russian side - the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation guaranteed the impartiality of the court and the conditions of imprisonment in accordance with the norms of the European Union. In addition, Austrian diplomats will be able to visit the defendant in a remand prison or a colony.

Recall that the Gagiev’s gang of killers is known in Russia, as one of the most violent criminal communities. Aslan Gagiev was detained by Austrian law enforcers in Vienna in early 2015. In Russia, he is suspected of creating an OCG, under the belt of which are at least 60 contract killings, among the victims - officials, prominent businessmen and bankers. The crimes were committed in the territories of the Moscow and North Caucasus regions in 2005-2010. To date, 17 members of the criminal organization have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, including life imprisonment. 14 people remain in custody, 8 people are declared on international and federal wanted lists.

It is worth noting that the request for Gagiev's extradition covers a relatively short period of his criminal activities, connected with North Ossetia, where the gang first was based. The Investigative Committee in the North Caucasus seeks extradition of Dzhako on charges of Creation of Organized Crime Group (Article 210 of the Criminal Code), Gangs (Article 209 of the Criminal Code), and six Murders (Article 105 of the Criminal Code). The rest of the crimes of the gang committed in the Moscow region, the ICR in the North Caucasus Federal District disclosed after the request for extradition of Gagiev was sent to Vienna. Its content was not changed, so as not to delay extradition.

Now, the newspaper notes, Gagiev is newly charged, and it is necessary to request the accept of the Austrian authorities.



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