Video: thief in law Ando Khromoi shot while playing backgammon 

Video: thief in law Ando Khromoi shot while playing backgammon
Murder scene Photo: Still from the video

Apart from the slain thief in law, several more people were injured.

A video showing the murder of 46-year-old thief in law Andranik Arutyunyan, also known as Ando Khromoi or Masivtsi Andik (Andik of Massiv) has appeared on the Web.

To recall, the murder took place outside 17 Mikoyan Street in Yerevan the previous evening. 

Ando Khmoroi

Ando Khmoroi during detention a year ago

In the video, four men are sitting in a gazebo and playing backgammon. Suddenly, a man approaches them from behind and starts to shoot with a pistol. Two players hide under the table, and the other two run away. The assassin continues to shoot, but at some point one man manages to run out from under the table. The shooter runs after him. At first, they are out of the frame, but then they reappear in the foreground; the unarmed man is seen wishing away with a stick. The attacker continues to shoot. Eventually, the victim falls, and the killer flees after making several more terminal shots.

it is known that Arutyunyan was killed outside of his house.  Immediately after the incident, ambulance arrived on the scene; but the thief never made it to the hospital. The murder was reported to the police at 23:10. 

According to the Investigative Committee of Armenia, shells and a bullet was found at the crime scene; there were also traces similar to blood and a sports bag, which, according to preliminary data, belongs to the killer.

Four gunshot wounds were found on the body of the deceased, one of which was in the head area. Two bullets hit him in the shoulder; another shot was made in the back.



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