Verdict to murderer of kingpin Mukha enters into force

Verdict to murderer of kingpin Mukha enters into force

The court dismissed the defense team’s complaints regarding a 19-year term.

The Bryansk Regional Court recognized the prison term to Pyotr Turlayev, 41, whom the Sovetsky District Court of the city sentenced to 19 years in a strict-security penal colony for illegal possession of weapons (part 3 of Article 222 CCRF) and contract murder (part 2 of Article 105 CCRF). The court decision entered into force, the press service of the region’s prosecutor’s office reported.

According to the court, in 2002-2009, Turlaev was an active member of a criminal gang and on the night of April 22, 2003, together with an accomplice, he executed three contract murders: kingpin Merab Tabagua (Mukha) and his two assistants Alexey Kryukov and Ivan Zankevich were killed. According to the investigation, the motive was the redistribution of spheres of influence in the criminal world of Bryansk.

Mukha arrived in Bryansk from St. Petersburg, had six convictions, and served his last term in 2002. After that, he tried to take control of several commercial structures and got in the way of several local organized criminal groups.



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