Valera Sukhumsky died in Moscow

Valera Sukhumsky died in Moscow
Thief in law died on the 60th year of life

The cause of death of 60-year-old thief in law was heart failure.

As it turned out that Georgian thief in law Valery Silagadze (Klievsky), who was called Valera Sukhumi and Krasavchik (Pretty Boy) in the criminal community, has recently passed away. The cause of death of 60-year-old Silagadze was heart failure.

Valeriy Silagadze was called the Last Romantic of the criminal and a canonical urka of clean paint. It is known that the birthplace of the thief in law is Sukhumi, but all his life he lived in Moscow and France. He was crowned when he was 17 years old by Yura Galskiy, Tsotsi and Gogi Sukhumi in 1974. According to some sources, he was stopped in the credentials in 2003 on the initiative of Dzhemo Silagadze, but a year later he was restored due to efforts Merab Sukhumi.



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