Uralmash crime bosses' stones demolished at Yekaterinburg cemetery 

Uralmash crime bosses' stones demolished at Yekaterinburg cemetery
Photo: Ura.ru

Who is behind this has not been established yet.

Stones on the graves of the first leader of Uralmash gang, Grigory Tsyganov, Sergey Ivannikov killed in 1993, and Alexander Khabarov, who died in 2005, were demolished in the Northern Cemetery of Yekaterinburg. According to Ura.ru, a new concrete pad was made at the burial site of the crime bosses.

“They resolved to reconstruction because for 20 years the stone has decayed, the tile has peeled off, the bronze has also started to look tired,” said an unnamed interviewee. Moreover, according to him, the previously installed bronze busts of the gang leaders had little resemblance to the buried people.


This is how the monument to the Uralmash ex-leaders looked until recently

New monuments and busts, as well as tiles, fences, tables and a bench will appear in mid-June. Who finances the renovation has not yet been established.

The general public learned about Uralmash criminal group at the very beginning of the 90s. At the time when the young criminal community went to war against the monopolist of criminal Yekaterinburg - criminal group Center. Violent reprisals against the opponents demonstratively took place in broad daylight in front of an amazed public. The group gradually transformed into a financial and industrial group and has influence on the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region. After seven unsuccessful attempts to obtain the mandate of a deputy of different levels, in 2000, Alexander Khabarov became a deputy of the City Duma of Yekaterinburg. In 2004, he was arrested, and later died under mysterious circumstances in a detention center.



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