Ural siloviki detain Miass mafia enforcer and his gang 

Ural siloviki detain Miass mafia enforcer and his gang

The criminal group has been monitored for more than a year. The operation was carried out when the bandits took the son of one of the local entrepreneurs out of town and brutally beat him and broke his arm, demanding 200.000 rubles ($3.4 thousand) from his father.

In Miass, a group of suspects led by Alexander Morozov, known to law enforcement structures as a mafia enforcer in the city, was detained for a series of robber attacks, Ura.ru was told by the city Investigation Department of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in the Chelyabinsk region.

According to Head of the city department of the regional Directorate of the ICR Anatoly Seliverstov, a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Armed Robbery committed by a group of persons by previous concert) was instituted on October 9. In total, 10 suspects were detained in the operation of the siloviki, seven of whom were released on recognizance not to leave the place. Three most proactive members of the criminal group have already been charged. At the request of the investigation, they were arrested by the court.

According to operational data, the criminal group was complicit in a number of extortions and robberies. The security forces have been monitoring the group, which was also engaged in racketeering in urban markets, for more than a year. The group members were detained after they took the son of one of the local entrepreneurs out of town, beat him and broke his arm, demanding 200.000 rubles ($3.4 thousand) from his father. At present, the investigative bodies are establishing all victims of the actions of the criminal group. According to Seliverstov, some of them are intimidated. The investigation of the criminal case is ongoing, it is possible that new episodes will appear in it.

As reported by Ura.ru, among those arrested are 29-year-old alpha dog Alexander Morozov and the younger brother of the authoritative city businessman Vladimir Murashkin, Nikolai Murashkin, born in 1991.

Alexander Morozov is considered mafia enforcer for Miass from thieves in law. It was also he who, according to the media outlet, performed management functions in the criminal group.


Alexander Morozov

Nikolai Murashkin had previously been detained on suspicion of organizing an ecstasy laboratory (MDMA), but this happened when Chaschin was still at large – Murashkin Jr. was ransomed. Two months ago he arranged an affray in a restaurant and, denying paying the bill, shouted that he was Turbazovsky.

The elder brother distances himself from Murashkin Jr.'s actions, a source in law enforcement agencies said. Vladimir Murashkin is known as the ‘right hand' of the leader of Turbazovskiye group, Sergei Chaschin, who got 13 years of strict regime for banditry and murders. According to operational data, Murashkin coordinates the activities of Turbazovskiye, while their leader is behind bars.

Currently Moscow is holding a lawsuit in the case of one of the members of criminal group Turbazovskiye, former Miass city manager, Viktor Ardabievsky, who is charged with organizing contract killings.



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