Ukranian official founds crime group. Athletes and jailbirds join it 

Ukranian official founds crime group. Athletes and jailbirds join it
One of the detainees

Members of an organized crime group dealt with extortion and blackmail.

The Police of Ukraine conducted an extensive special-forces raid to expose an organized crime group members of which have intimidated Kyiv Region for several years. The founder of the crime group turned out to be a head of a local rural council. According to UNN news website, under his wing, athletes and ex-jailbirds looted property from both entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens and blackmailed them.



The official’s closest team-mate and the leader of the crime group is a 37-year-old citizen of Kyiv Region, with prior convictions. The influential man was protected by members of the criminal world. In particular, he could in case of need contact Irpen who was an enforcer in the city. According to the police statement, the perpetrators of the crime are citizens of Kyiv Region between the ages of 15 and 49 with a whole lot of violations. The criminals used force and weapons to to collect nonexisting debts. One of the victims was a chairman of a local non-governmental organization Union of warrior-members of ATO in a settlement of Gostomel. Initially, he received threats. Then, he was manhandled for the fact that he openly stated about the violations of local government related to land allocation and about the fact that law enforcement officials provide a cover for them.


By the end of 2017, members of organized crime group ruthlessly manhandled members of the National Guard of Ukraine in the city of Bucha in Kyiv Region, however the details of the incident are not provided.

Moreover, the criminals are suspected of extortion of $50 thousand from a citizen of a settlement of Irpen who received a death threat from them. She carried out entrepreneurial activities and brought up her under-age children on her own.



The statement said that “announcement of suspicion is being prepared at the moment - under item 1 of article 255 (establishing a criminal organization) and item 4 of article 189 (extortion) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Custodial detention is chosen as the measure of restraint.”


Seven members of the organized crime group including its leader were detained during the joint operation by several divisions of NPU. Both their apartments and the study of the chairman who had been exposed were searched. Large quantities of weapons, ammunition, mobile phones, foreign cash and vehicles of an elite class were seized.

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