UAE to extradite one of Validol’s partners to Russia 

UAE to extradite one of Validol’s partners to Russia
Validol’s partner, founder of the gang Mikhail Koryak was put on the international wanted list

Dubai authorities have decided to extradite the leader of the solvers criminal group, the former officer of the Federal Tax Police Service Mikhail Koryak.

The UAE authorities have decided to transfer Mikhail Koryak to law enforcement bodies of Russia, who was a member of the Validol’s criminal group, according to the ICR. Rosbalt, referring to its own sources, reported this information. In addition, the UAE authorities also announced that they were not able to comply with the request to extradite him, as the defendant had already left the territory of the United Arab Emirates. According to Dubai law enforcement representatives, Koryak left the country after the decision on his extradition had been made. 

There is no an official agreement on legal assistance between Russia and the UAE, so the discussion on possible extradition of the solvers’ leader was delayed for years. Dubai authorities wanted to examine large volume of documents of the criminal case, while the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of Russia could not provide the data due to secrecy of investigation. As a result, in December 2013 the Dubai Court refused to extradite Koryak. 

In 2012, the former officer of the Federal Tax Police Service was put on the international wanted list by Interpol. In February of the same year, he was detained in Dubai. According to investigators, he is one of the founders of the solvers’ criminal group. Members of the gang, pretending to be high-ranking officials of the Presidential Administration, were offering posts in the state structures and profitable contracts for millions of dollars. Money of victims was put in banks’ deposit boxes, from where it was stolen then.

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According to the ICR, in 2010 Koryak received 20 million euros from businesswoman Tatyana Balsamova, which were given to her by the State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk. Koryak promised to organize profitable contract on transportation of gas from Russia to Europe for this money. Slipenchuk’s assistant put 20 million euros in Sberbank’s deposit box on Gogolevsky Boulevard. Balsamova also had access to the deposit box. Forging a notarized power of attorney, the fraudsters stole money from the bank.

Then Mikhail Koryak decided to eliminate Balsaminova, who knew the names of the solvers. However, the murder did not happen due to misfire of a gun. In accordance with the scheme, the Edinaya Rossiya deputy in the Saratov Regional Duma lost 2 million euros and 38.5 million rubles: he wanted to buy the post of the Head of the region. After he did not receive the post, the official came to the police. According to the ICR, the solver of the situation was Chechen criminal authority Valid Lurahmaev (Validol). He invited a businessman-mediator Mikhail Lanin for negotiations in France, where the businessman was shot then.

Victims of Validol was another mediator in negotiations between businessmen and the solvers – Koryak’s former business partner Maxim Ozirnoy. He was invited to Turkey for talks on financial issues, where he was brutally murdered.

In April, the Turkish police reported about detention of suspected spies, among which there was Validol. Negotiations on Lurahmaev’s extradition to the Russian Federation are underway.



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