Tyumen: gang leader who wanted to kidnap deputy governor to be tried

Tyumen: gang leader who wanted to kidnap deputy governor to be tried
Vladimir Cheimetov

By torture and blackmailing, the perpetrators extorted money from businessmen; those, who resisted were killed.

Employees of the ICR’s Investigative Directorate for the Tyumen Region completed an investigation regarding the leader and active participant of the gang which was accused of abduction and murder of entrepreneurs, beatings, thefts and a number of other crimes. According to the source of the Novy Den, the gang of a certain Leontyev was preparing the abduction of the regional deputy governor, Vladimir Cheimetov.

According to the investigators, the gang was created in 2010. It included the leader, his three acquaintances and a cousin. The gang leader engaged other people who were not members of the grouping to commit crimes. The criminals would chose a wealthy entrepreneur, followed him for a long time, including using video cameras and GPS beacons, then kidnapped him and forced to pay a large amount of money.

As a rule, the victim was taken to a place specially reserved for retention: an apartment, garage or a country house. Then entrepreneurs were beaten and demanded a ransom. They were also deceived for intimidation: the criminals put a fake “death belt” on the victim and threatened to blow it up or forced them to shoot a man who was actually a member of the gang under cameras. The weapons were loaded with blank cartridges.

In total, the investigation established seven abductions, three of which resulted in murders of the victims. On July 27, 2012, in one of the SNT of the Tyumen District, an entrepreneur, who refused to give 30 million rubles ($ 450,000) was killed.

The suspects were detained in 2018. The investigation was completed only in respect of two defendants; another six familiarize with the criminal case materials.



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