Two previously unknown members of Basayev gang arrested 

Two previously unknown members of Basayev gang arrested

The militants participated in the attack on the Pskov division in 2000.

The court arrested the previously unknown members Shamil Basayev’s gang, Nazmudin Dudiyev and Ibragim Donashev, who 18 years ago participated in the attack on the soldiers of the 6th company of the 104th regiment of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division. This was reported by the official ICR representative Svetlana Petrenko.

Dudiyev and Donashev were detained on November 28 by the FSB officers. The suspects are charged with armed rebellion and participation in a gang with infringement on the lives of military personnel (Article 279, part 2 of Article 209, Article 317 CCRF). In the near future, they will be charged. The investigation continues.

Earlier, two more people were detained in the same case and 13 others received long prison sentences. Among them, there is a member of the UNA-UNSO banned in the Russian Federation, Alexander Malofeev.

The attack on the servicemen of the Pskov division occurred in 2000 when militants attempted to break through the Argun gorge. 90 paratroopers defended their positions for two days, eliminating more than 400 militants. Only six soldiers survived.



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