Two leaders of bloody Crimean OCG 'Bashmaki' to stand trial

Two leaders of bloody Crimean OCG 'Bashmaki' to stand trial
Aleksandr Danilchenko and Nikolay Kozhukhar

The Investigations Directorate of the ICR for Republic of Crimea has completed investigation into the criminal case of two leaders of the Crimean gang called Bashmaki, which terrorized the whole peninsula back in the 90s.

As reported on the Investigative Committee's website, in the 90's, the members of the gang engaged in 'protection racketeering' of businessmen. In addition, they committed more than 15 murders. When attacking, the OCG members acted with extreme brutality, often torturing their victims before killing.

According to investigation, 'Bashmaki' were well armed; they had a large number of firearms and bladed weapons, explosive devices, and explosives.

According to the criminal case materials, the crime community with more than a thousand members was founded by former driver Viktor Bashmakov (to whom it owes its name) in the 1990's. His leadership did not last long – in June 1994, Bashmakov was shot by killers from a rival gang. After this, Kozhukhar and Danilchenko undertook the leadership functions.

Over 200 volumes of criminal cases were reviewed, more than 20 forensic examinations conducted, and more than 80 people questioned during the investigation. Over three dozen executors were held criminally liable as part of the investigation, however, the OCG leaders managed to avoid justice for over 10 years.

In February 2016, Danilchenko and Kozhukhar were detained. They were accused of Banditry (part 1 of Art. 209 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Murder of two or more persons as part of an organized group (item а and g part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code).



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