Turkey is not going to turn over a Chechen killer Validol to Russia

Turkey is not going to turn over a Chechen killer Validol to Russia
Valid Lurakhmayev has killed tens of people

Turkey announced that it is not going to cooperate with Russia in the investigation on the head of the killers’ grouping Valid Lurakhmayev. According to Rosbalt’s source in the law enforcement bodies, Turkish side ignored Russian requests to identify a man, arrested in April 2016 by the local police in Istanbul. The man had documents on the name of Aleksander Smirnov and was arrested allegedly for espionage. Turkish authorities pass the man as a Russian spy, who has something to do with shooting of extremist Abulvakhid Edilgeriyev of the Caucasus-Center. The extremist was a relative of the Chechen Wahabis’ leader Movlady Udugov.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian law enforcement agencies, those are the documents, which head of the Chechen killers’ grouping Valid Lurakhmayev (nicknamed Validol) was using. He is on wanted list in Russia and France fora series of brutal murders. The fact that detained «Smirnov» is really Lurakhmayev was confirmed by his relatives.

According to the Rosbalt’s source, Turkish authorities persistently refuse to cooperate with Russia, in spite of the fact that Validol’s grouping cruelly murdered businessman Mikhail Ozirny at the territory of Turkey. According to the operatives, Ozirny was closely connected with the Kremlin officials and worked as a link between businessmen and employees of the Presidential Administration. Together with Chechen native Akhmad Khamidov he offered to bisenssmen posts of governors and high-ranking positions in government entities for hundreds of millions dollars. Ozirny helped entrepreneurs to get high-ranking positions in such companies as Gazprom, Open Joint Stock Company Transneft and others. The investigation suspects that at some moment Khamidov decided to stop this business. But both of them continued to take money from naive clients in advance, after what they were killing them. Those, who survived went to the police. And that is when Mikhail Ozirny, who knew the real names of the members of the gang, became dangerous for Khamidov. To get rid of his accomplice he went to a Chechen criminal authority Valid Lurakhmayev. In 2011 in Turkey the investigation managed to identify Ozirny’s dead body, dissolved in acid, only by his watch and cross.

Russian field investigators had sent requests for a legal aid to Turkey, at the territory of which the murder was had been committed. However, Turkish side stands for deterioration of the relations with Russia and refuses to cooperate.

According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Lurakhmayev also was a member of the Khamidov’s gang. Validol is incriminated a series of murders – including a murder of Saratovstroysteklo’s owner Mikhail Lanin in France, who paid the criminals 200 million rubles, an assassination attempt against the gang’s intermediary Tatiana Balzamova, thanks to which the gang got 20 million euros for conducting a contract on gas supplies, which in her turn she got from State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk.

The Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case against Validol and assassin's paymaster Akhmad Khamidov under art. 105 para. 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder conducted by group of people). Interpol also put them on international wanted list.

For the moment, the killers’ destiny is unknown. It is also not clear what will Turkey do in this situation. 



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