Turbazovskie gang runs business downtown Miass 

Turbazovskie gang runs business downtown Miass
According to some reports, Konstantin Savchenko, a businessman, runs the economic block of Turbazovskie gang

The Mayor continues to give evasive replies about the reasons for such a tolerant attitude to the group.

Turbazovskie gang feels at ease in the city of Miass, since the current local government contributes to this in every possible way. Ura.ru found that Konstantin Savchenko, a businessman, who runs the economic block of the gang, is building a trade pavilion downtown Miass.

The building is being constructed right in front of the city’s Multiservice Center, where people turn to for public services. The unsuspecting management of the center had mistakenly believed that it was a long wished-for parking lot near the building that was being constructed. However, it was not quite so, as it turned out.

Konstantin Savchenko got to rent 508 square meters of land for a mini-pavilion back in 2012, when the administration of Miass was headed by Viktor Ardabievsky. You may know that Ardabievsky has been charged with masterminding contract killings and banditry being part of Turbazovskie. Savchenko did not attempt to build anything on the site for five years, but this year he decided to make a shopping pavilion after all. Interestingly, the lease term for the site had expired in February 2017, but the Miass administration agreed to extend the contract without any problems or further questions.

МФЦ Миасса

Konstantin Savchenko, according to the SBIS database, is the head and co-founder of a number of commercial firms controlled by one of Turbazovskie leaders, Sergei Chashchin, who is currently serving a sentence for contract killings.

Valentin Vertiprakhov, the manager of the local Multiservice Center, who had previously held the post of vice-mayor for property issues, decided to quit his job upon discovering just who this neighbors were.

The Miass administration tackled the legality of having the pavilion near the Multiservice Center at a yesterday meeting. Those who considered the construction illegal demanded explanations from the mayor's office. However, Mayor Gennady Vaskov is currently not available for comment, being engaged in command post exercises. Note that it has not been the first time that Vaskov is criticized for turning a blind eye to Turbazovskie. Sources believe that the incumbent Miass Mayor dances to the tune of the bandits, who, in turn, protect him. In particular, Vaskov is believed to be friends with the Turbazovskie businessman Vladimir Murashkin, who is actually the one covertly governing the city.



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