Tsepovyaz’s lawyers ask for state protection from ex-wife

Tsepovyaz’s lawyers ask for state protection from ex-wife

The convict’s defense sounded the risk of attempted assassination of Tsapok’s OCG member after photos of crabs and caviar were published.

Natalya Strishnyaya, the former spouse of the Tsapok gang member Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, can pose a threat to the life of the prisoner with whom she is sharing property worth billions in courts. The lawyers asked to provide Tsepovyaz with state protection, MK’s source in the Amur Region FSIN Directorate told the publication.

“If now Tsepovyaz gets attacked, say, with a shiv, then everyone will put it off on our people. They’ll say that we have taken revenge for the scandal regarding these photos,” said an employee of the regional FSIN Directorate.

It is to be recalled that the media published photos of 2015, on which prisoner Tsepovyaz fries kebabs, eats red caviar and crab meat. After this, the FSIN conducted a check and found employees who violated the internal regulations. Tsepovyaz told that he had sent the published photos to his ex-wife.

In 2013, Tsepovyaz was sentenced to 20 years in a penal colony. The Tsapok gang kept the village of Kushchevskaya of the Krasnodar Region at bay, using violence and raider methods.



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