Tsepovyaz’s ex-wife summoned for questioning

Tsepovyaz’s ex-wife summoned for questioning
Natalia Strishnaya

Natalia Strishnaya’s lawyer noted that his client is ready to cooperate with the investigation. Earlier, on the web, there emerged pictures of Viacheslav Tsepovyaz eating barbecue and crab meat in the colony.

Viacheslav Tsepovyaz’s ex-wife Natalia Strishnaya has been summoned for questioning related to the photos that emerged on the web showing her husband eating barbecue and crab meat in the colony. Eduard Churgulia, the woman’s lawyer, told RT.

In the lawyer’s words, the questioning is to take place next week. He noted that Strishnaya is ready to cooperate with the investigation. She is going to provide the investigation with all the necessary data including card numbers Tsepovyaz used to receive money in the prison. 

The scandalous pictures of the convicted in the Tsapki gang case Viacheslav Tsepovyaz showing him wearing his prison uniform and eating barbecue and crab meat emerged on the web early this week. The media office of the Federal Penal Correction Service in Amur region confirmed the pictures’ authenticity reporting that they had been taken in 2015. 

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has delegated to give “a rigorous legal assessment” of actions of authorities of the prison. In Bastrykin’s opinion, the correctional facility employees “were softening conditions for serving disciplinary prison terms of a man who had committed monstrous crimes against person.”

Tsepovyaz was placed in a punitive confinement following the pictures’ publication on the web. His lawyer noted that the basis for transferring him to a punitive confinement is not clear. 

In 2013, the Krasnodar regional court found Viacheslav Tsepovyz  guilty of committing serious and especially serious crimes as a part of Tsapki gang. The gang’s leader Sergey Tsapok was accused of 18 murders and given a life sentence. Tsepovyz was sentenced to 19 years and 10 months of imprisonment to be served in a colony with a strict regime. 



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