“Tsepovyaz is a loser.” Man who provided bandit with caviar convinced his client doesn’t luxuriate

“Tsepovyaz is a loser.” Man who provided bandit with caviar convinced his client doesn’t luxuriate
Viacheslav Tsepovyaz

In Aleksander Ulanov’s words, it’s not only delicacies that are brought to the colony - sometimes, women are brought there.

Certain details have become known about incarceration conditions of the convict Viacheslav Tsepovyaz who became the order of the day after the media posted the pictures of him eating crab meat and caviar in the prison. 

27-year-old citizen of Amur region Aleksander Ulanov who brought delicacies to Tsepovyaz told in an interview with REN TV that it’s not the only way inmates luxuriate in the colony; in his opinion, Tsepovyaz is just a loser. 

“Certain inmates have mobile phones, and it’s not the limit. You do realize that. Some of them even brought women to the colony, and whatever they want. Tsepovyaz is a looser comparing to other inmates. With the fact that he received a mobile phone…” Ulanov said. 

Nevertheless, the man demanded money from the media for a more detailed story. Then, he started threatening the journalist he talked to. 

It is noted that the man came to the interview in his Infiniti QX56. He admitted that he had been the jail visitor for several years. 

As CrimeRussia had earlier reported, an inspection was carried out after the pictures of Viacheslav Tsepovyaz eating crab meat and caviar in the prison had been posted on the web. However, neither the Federal Penal Correction Service nor the Prosecutor-General’s Office didn’t find a body of a crime. The public monitoring commission reported that the check had been carried out earlier - in April, 2018, long before the pictures received wide publicity in the media. Then, the departments didn’t manage to receive the original photos.

Last week, another inspection was carried out. Tsepovyaz states that the pictures were faked by his wife to win the divorce proceedings and seize his property. 



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