“Tsapok was dying for three days. I think he was killed.” Convicted for life Vova Bespredel gave first interview

“Tsapok was dying for three days. I think he was killed.” Convicted for life Vova Bespredel gave first interview
Vladimir Alekseev (Vova Bespredel) in Torbeev Central

One of the active members of the Kushchevskaya organized criminal group, Vladimir Alekseev, spoke about life convicted, about the death of Sergey Tsapok and complained about beatings in the Mordovian colony.

The most brutal member of the Kushchevskaya organized the criminal group, Vladimir Alekseev, known as Vova Bespredel sentenced to life imprisonment, expressed doubt that gang leader Sergey Tsapok died of a stroke and acute heart failure in the SIZO, as the official version says.

Alekseev, who is serving his term in the Torbeyevsky Central, told Eva Merkacheva, the human rights activist and columnist for Moskovsky Komsomolets, in his first interview.

Commenting on the conspiracy version that Sergey Tsapok did not die in 2014 (in Kushchevskaya, some residents are still afraid of Tsapok, believing that his death in the detention center was staged), Alekseev told how “Tsapok was dying for three days shouting in the ward next to me.”

According to him, the former leader of the Kushchevskaya gang could not get up, and they wore diapers.

“I think he was killed. During the investigation, five of our guys died. One was an epileptic; he was taken out for investigation, tortured there, he could not stand it and die. He was buried as an unknown. Parents found the grave only six months later,” said Vova Bespredel.

Recall that several members of the Tsapok gang were not imprisoned. During the investigation on July 4, 2014, main killer of the group Igor Chernykh hanged himself in the solitary cell of remand prison No. 1 of the UFSIN of Russia in the Krasnodar Territory, on July 7 Sergey Tsapok was found dead, on July 30 another leader of the gang Vitaly Ivanov died, on August 1 Sergey Karpenko also perished.

Alekseev also told the MK special correspondent about “torture in the IK of the anti-terrorist center of Vladikavkaz,” where he was kept for a year and a half. In the same place, according to him, Karpenko died, and Bespredel went bald from the drugs that were supposedly injected there (Pentothal sodium - “truth serum”).

Speaking about the conditions of detention in Torbeev Central, Alekseev praised the equipment, ventilation and food and "adequate staff" (the interview was held in the presence of guards).

However, as Eva Merkacheva writes, when the guards took turns, Alekseev, having seized the moment, began to whisper convulsively: “They beat here! It hurts. ” Then the same thing happened again.

Meanwhile, when, at the request of the human rights activist, right after Alekseev's interview, the doctors recorded wounds and abrasions, no scratches were found.

Recall that Vladimir Alekseev was considered one of the most brutal members of the gang. There were legends about his bloodthirsty, the whole stanitsa of Kuschevskaya was afraid of him. He was personally involved in many murders, although he now claims that he has slandered, crippled and raped (the figure was 220 girls). In total, the gang committed 19 killings in the village of Kuschevskaya of the Krasnodar Territory, including the massacre of 12 people (including four children) in the house of farmer Server Ametov in 2010.



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