Tsapok's resurrection or level of corruption in Krasnodar rolls over 

Tsapok's resurrection or level of corruption in Krasnodar rolls over
What if the death was framed up? Photo: The CrimeRussia

A photo from an accident scene in Sochi hits social networks – it shoots a man who looks like the dead leader of the Kuschevskaya gang, Sergey Tsapok. Residents of the village of Kuschevskaya doubt that he died. They build up different theories of his resurrection. The regional Prosecutor's Office announced that that was another person on the photo.

Sometimes they rise - people who were so disgusting in life, who do not allow victims to live peacefully even after their official death. The bloody gang from the village of Kuschevskaya, the Krasnodar Territory, committed dozens of brutal murders, rape, racketeering. Sergey Tsapok and his organized criminal group remained unpunished for many years. They built their state and operated lawlessly, buying off law enforcement agencies and local government.

Сергей Цапок

Sergey Tsapok

In 2010, Tsapok's gang staged a massacre in the house of local farmer Server Ametov - killed and burned 12 people, among whom there were four children. The youngest Amira was only nine months old. Leader of the bloody gang Sergey Tsapok and his accomplices were sentenced to life imprisonment. But after 8 months, Tsapok unexpectedly died in solitary confinement in the SIZO. 

About 10 days ago Sergey Tsapok was seen alive and unharmed in Sochi. He was identified in a man who accidentally hit the photo from the accident scene.

Around 01:30 on June 4, a BMW car moving from Adler to Sochi rammed a metal road fence on Lenina Street. According to preliminary data, the 39-year-old driver of a foreign vehicle lost control and crashed into a bump stop. The driver died on the spot from the injuries. Three passengers of a foreign car were hospitalized with various injuries. One of the relatives of the victims looked like Sergey Tsapok.

The same head shape, look, chin. It is impossible to confuse that face, users of social networks, who saw the photo, consider. Almost all users think that it was Tsapok.

на месте ДТП

на месте ДТП

двойник Цапка

The Tsapok's double

The news that Sergey Tsapok, the leader of the Kushchevskaya organized criminal group, died on July 7 in the Krasnodar SIZO, came as a surprise to those who closely followed the trial of the bandits. Tsapok could testify against some influential officials of the Krasnodar Territory.

“The law enforcement agencies of the regional center received a message about the discovery of Sergey Tsapok’s body in the solitary confinement cell of detention facility No. 1 on July 7, 2014,” said the statement of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnodar Territory.

Тело Цапка

The body of Tsapok

Even then there was an opinion that Tsapok did not die in the SIZO, but faked his death and was released. 

Dzhalil Ametov who the whole family, as well as police officer Andrey Kasyan, whose wife and son were also killed (were visiting the Ametovs), were brought to the Tsapok’s cell for the identification. 

At the same time, fingerprint and genetic examinations were carried out. The result is straightforward - the leader of the bloody gang died on July 7, 2014. His body was given to the civil wife, Angela-Maria Tsapok. It was cremated in Volgograd and secretly buried in one of the cemeteries of Krasnodar. Therefore, the DNA re-examination, which could dispel doubts, is impossible.

Анжела-Мария Цапок

Angela-Maria Tsapok

After five years, the cruelest member of the Kushchevskaya organized criminal group, Vladimir Alekseev, known as Vova Bespredel, sentenced to life, expressed doubt that gang leader Sergey Tsapok died of a stroke and acute heart failure in the SIZO, as the official version says. Alekseev said that "Tsapok was dying for three days, all these three days he was shamelessly yelling in the cell next to me."

Владимир Алексеев (Вова Беспредел)

Vladimir Alekseev known as Vova Bespredel

Local lawyers sent a statement to Sochi Prosecutor Igor Gryaznov asking him to check how Sergey Tsapok could appear in the place of an accident five years after the official death.


A few days later, the Prosecutor's Office responded to the media. “A man photographed in Sochi after an accident and similar to the head of Kuschevskaya gang Sergey Tsapok turned out to be a thief put in the federal wanted list,” the Krasnodar Territory Prosecutor’s Office told RIA Novosti. Journalists most likely admitted the strange wording about the "thief put in the federal wanted list" because later the Prosecutor’s Office gave a more precise answer.


Vitaly Nikiforov is put on the federal wanted list

“He is not the thief in law. It’s just a petty thief who committed thefts,” said Anton Lopatin, the senior assistant prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory for media relations. According to him, Vitaly Nikiforov, a native of Kyrgyzstan, born in 1986, who was put on the federal wanted list for theft, was at the accident site. It is not the first time that he comes in sight of security officials. His last crime was the theft of a cell phone from some GAZel in the village of Vyselki of the Krasnodar Territory.

“No, he is not caught. He is hiding... He is still wanted,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated. So, how did the Prosecutor's Office find out that it was Vitaly Nikiforov, not Sergey Tsapok? By photo? Why did the person is declared wanted for stealing a cell phone?

Vitaly Nikiforov Vitaly Nikiforov Vitaly NikiforovVitaly Nikiforov
Подпись к фото 
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The lawyers who filed an appeal to identify the person in the photo have not yet received an official answer.

Sergey Tsapok and people from his entourage could bribe the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service, legal experts, doctors and took someone else’s corpse, falsified the results of examinations and other things. Everyone has heard about fabricated and forged cases and documents in Russia. Yes, it is a lot of money, but the gang of Tsapok gained the fortune. For example, wife of the deceased gang leader Angela-Maria Tsapok received $5.5 million, which had previously been arrested. Another member of the Tsapkovskaya gang, Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, preferred to arrange comfortable conditions in prison for money. He ate crabs and red caviar in a colony. That pleasure is also not cheap. His former wife sent 3 million rubles for the maintenance of Tsepovyaz in 2017.

Цеповяз в колонии

Цеповяз в колонии

Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz in the colony

Andrey Babushkin, the member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, said that replacing one person with another in a pre-trial detention center is far-fetched. Therefore the resurrection of Tsapok is almost impossible. 

Armen Voskanyan, the director of the Justice Center, who represents the interests of the victims in the case of the Tsapok gang, does not question the findings of the Prosecutor’s Office but asks it to catch Nikiforov as soon as possible and present to the public. “They have a month for an official response. It will be clearer when he is detained. I think that it is in their interests to detain him,” said Voskanyan.

Moreover, even lawyer of the Tsapok gang Umalat Saygitov allowed a possible resurrection. “The causes of death that were announced were ridiculous. It was also strange that this happened immediately after the verdict, although the scenario with his resurrection is quite plausible. He had great financial opportunities, and the level of corruption exceeds the limit in Krasnodar,” the lawyer said.

кто на фото

At the same time, Saigitov stated that he finds differences between Sergey Tsapok and a man at the accident site in Sochi. “The look is completely different. Sergey had a master's glance, and this one is just a simple citizen. Hair color is different,” the lawyer reports.

In short, questions to bloody Tsapok, whose name has already become a household name, is not diminished.



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