Tsapok’s gang cash keeper faces new charges

Tsapok’s gang cash keeper faces new charges
Fyodor Streltsov

Fyodor Streltsov is suspected of fraud totalling to 36 million rubles ($583.000).

Rostov investigators opened a criminal case against businessman Fyodor Streltsov, the owner of Agrocomplex Kuschevsky LLC, who is considered the cash keeper of the Tsapok's gang and the main companion of late leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok.

According to the investigation, Streltsov caused damage on an especially large scale (about 36 million rubles) to the well-known Rostov company Agrokhim-Avia LLC. The case was initiated under part 7 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale).

The basis for the initiation of the case was the statement of director of Agrokhim-Avia LLC Alexey Lagoshin, who applied to the investigative authorities at the end of March.

According to the investigation, Streltsov developed a multi-stage scheme for the transfer of property and ownership of the supplied products from Agrokhim-Avia to Agrocomplex Kuschevsky through two intermediary companies: Don-Agro-Plus LLC and Kompanion LLC.

Investigators check the version according to which several more employees of Kompanion LLC and Agrocomplex Kuschevsky LLC were involved in the scheme. In the near future, the investigation intends to assess the actions of these and other individuals over their involvement in the fraudulent schemes of the suspect.

The media also received information about the relationship of financial director of Agrocomplex Kuschevsky LLC Elena Garkushi with Sergey Tsapok, Fyodor Streltsov and Vitaly Tsepovyaz, including granting of loans in one of their major banks in Russia.



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