Tsapkovskiye gang lawyer detained in case of appropriating shares worth $ 913 thousand

Tsapkovskiye gang lawyer detained in case of appropriating shares worth $ 913 thousand
Andrey Karpenko and Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz at a table in colony

Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, a lover of caviar and crabs, has been left without a lawyer for litigation with his ex-wife.

The lawyer representing crab lover Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz (Sergey Tsapok's accomplice in Tsapkovskiye gang) has been detained for fraud.

Andrey Karpenko, the lawyer, worked as a lawyer in the gang of Sergey Tsapok, and after the gang members were put behind bars for killing 12 people, he represented Tsepovyaz.

To recap, Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, convicted in 2013, was sent to the Amur region for 19 years. The prison became a resort with private apartments for Tsepovyaz - he grilled kebabs in the open air, ate crabs and red caviar.

These conditions cost the murderer's wife three million ($46.4 thousand) a year. She is the owner of the largest agro-complex in Kuschevsky district with a multi-million profit.

For some reason, his spouse filed for divorce, and Tsepovyaz was left without crabs. This provoked him to sue his wife, demanding the return of the land, which he himself had signed over to her.

Coincidentally, it was at this moment that the photos with the crabs in the colony went viral on the Internet and created a stir. The prosecutor's office and Investigative Committee are conducting a check.

At the same time, lawyer Karpenko is dealing with the divorce of Tsepovyaz and Natalya Strishnya. The lawyer prepared lawsuits - for 600 million rubles ($9.2 m), for 32 million ($495 thousand), and for 9 million ($139 thousand).

In addition, Andrey Karpenko was supposed to represent the interests of the mother of Kuschevskaya gang leader, Nadezhda Tsapok, who had just been released and wants to return the taken-away lands, Komsomolskaya Pravda informs.

At such a crucial moment for Tsapkovskiye gang Andrey Karpenko was detained in a criminal case on appropriating shares of Kuschevsky enterprise Mayak CJSC worth 59 million rubles ($913 thousand). Together with him, the owner of Kuschevsky agro-complex Fedor Streltsov may also face trial but only if he is found since the man is on the run.



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