Trunov OCG's hitmen leader 'Celentano' asks for jury trial 

Trunov OCG's hitmen leader 'Celentano' asks for jury trial

The investigation into the criminal case against Anatoly Radchenko (according to the investigation, he is the leader of the hitmen team of Aleksandr Trunov’s Novosibirsk OCG), has been completed.

Deputy Prosecutor General in the Siberian Federal District Ivan Semchishin has confirmed the indictment in the criminal case of an alleged member of Aleksandr Trunov's crime community, as reported by Kommersant citing the regional prosecutor's office.

The defendant's name is not in the supervisory authority's message, however, according to the publication's source, it concerns Anatoly Radchenko aka Celentano.

The charges against him include Participation in a criminal community (Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), Banditry (Art. 209), Murders (Art. 105), Attempt at murders (Art. 30 and Art. 105), Extortion (Art. 163), and Ammunition trafficking (Art. 222).

According to the investigation, Radchenko used to lead a gang of hitmen as part of the crime community of gangland businessman Aleksandr Trunov's (aka Trun), who is currently serving a 22-year sentence. 

The gang was active in Novosibirsk in the period from 1997 to 2009. The 'team' headed by Radchenko was engaged in contract killings of businessmen and crime lords. According to the case file, there are four confirmed murders and three failed assassination attempts at the hitmen’s account.

In 2009, law enforcers detained several members of the gang and its leader Aleksandr Trunov. Anatoly Radchenko's 'subordinates' – hitmen Andrey Ivanov, Sergey Komarnitsky, and Vitaly Zaytsev – have already been sentenced to 18, 19, and 20 years of strict-regime colony, respectively. However, Radchenko himself had managed to escape; he was declared wanted through Interpol in the same 2009. The Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Novosibirsk issued a warrant for his arrest in absentia.   


Radchenko and former Vice-Mayor of Novosibirsk Solodkin, also convicted for participation in Trunov's OCC

It is known that the leader of Trunov OCC’s hitmen team had initially hidden in Thailand, and then he went for Europe. It later transpired that Radchenko stayed in a small German town of Kassel for about three years, from 2009 to 2012.

In 2014, Radchenko was arrested in Austria by Cobra Austrian Special Forces Unit. He was detained carrying a fake Czech passport in the name of a Prague resident Jan Seidl, born in 1977, and handed over to the Russian authorities.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Radchenko's extradition procedure, initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, dragged on for a year and a half. Radchenko claimed that he would face imminent death in a Russian pre-trial detention center, as he held compromising information against some influential Novosibirsk residents. After Anatoly Radchenko was finally brought to Novosibirsk in August 2015, the ICR department No. 5 charged him with a number of serious crimes.

Anatoly Radchenko does not plead guilty; he does not agree with the indictment and accuses siloviki of framing him up. "Many enterprises, which I had created from scratch, have been illegally seized on the backdrop of their reports on combating crime. All this works to this day and brings them fabulous profit," Radchenko aka Celentano explains his position.

According to Kommersant, after examining 150 volumes of the criminal case, Anatoly Radchenko filed an appeal for the case consideration by jury trial.



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