Trial of organized criminal group that had robbed 65 people begins in Vladimir Region

Trial of organized criminal group that had robbed 65 people begins in Vladimir Region

A trial of an organized criminal group begins in the Vladimir Region; members of this group have committed grave and extremely grave offences in several regions of the Russian Federation.

Investigative authorities of the Vladimir Region have completed investigation of a criminal case against four residents of the Moscow Region: 39-year-old Sergey Sizov, 49-year-old Igor Denyapkin, 26-year-old Andrey Zakharov, and 30-year-old Ilya Bezzubov. All of them were members of an organized criminal group. Depending on their roles in the gang, the men have been charged under part 2 of Article 209 (Participation in a stable armed group), items (a, b, c), part 4 of Article 162 (Robbery committed by an organized group, in an especially large scale, with the infliction of major damage to the victim's health), and items (a, b) of part 4 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Theft).

According to the regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR), the criminal case against 41-year-old Sergey Zakharov, the gang leader, has been closed because in November 2014, the suspect had committed suicide in the pretrial detention facility. In addition to the crimes listed above, he was also charged with robbery and murder.

The gang used to operate in Moscow, the Moscow Region, the Vladimir Region and the Zubovo-Polyansky district of the Republic of Mordovia. In total, 22 criminal episodes committed in the period between May 2010 and August 2014 have been incriminated to the group.

Crimes committed by the gang include several high-profile incidents: an assault on the Bolshakov family on August 30, 2011 in Suzdal and attacks on Sibiryakov and Ermolov families in Gus-Khrustalny on June 16, 2010 and October 12, 2010 respectively.

The investigation has determined that in 2010, Sergey Zakharov, convicted earlier for armed assaults and illegal keeping of weapons, was released from jail and created a criminal group in the Noginsky district. The gang specialized in thefts of expensive foreign-made cars, money, jewelry, and other valuables.

His accomplices were devoted and tested Sergey Sizov and Igor Denyapkin as well as his nephew Andrey Zakharov. All of them had strong physique. In 2013 another member has joined the gang – Ilya Bezzubov.

According to the investigation, the gang had a clearly defined hierarchical structure based on subordination to the leader and strict discipline. Its armory included pistols, submachine gun, knives, baseball bats, and crowbars.

During the heists, the gang members used camouflage: masks with eye holes and gloves. They used cell phones, radios, and cars for communication. They were cruel with the victims: handcuffed them, tied with plastic clamps and scotch tape.

Each crime was carefully planned, including selection of the victim and location and assignment of roles to the gang members.

Stolen assets had been sold, and the leader was distributing the proceeds among his accomplices.

The Investigations Directorate of the ICR in the Vladimir Region has provided details of most outrageous crimes committed by the gang.

Late in the evening on August 30, 2011, the gang leader and three other members armed with pistols, submachine gun, knife, and metal bar arrived to the Suzdal district on two cars to rob the family of Aleksander Bolshakov. They approached the victim’s home and shoot dead the guard dog. The criminals broke into the home, attacked the owner, his spouse, and their 8-year-old grandson. They tied hands and feet of the woman with scotch tape and hit her head with a pistol handle. Then they brought the man to the basement and started beating him and demanding the values stored in the home. Upon receipt of the values, they have slaughtered the man and fled with 230 thousand rubles.

In October 2010, the gang members have broken into the home of businessman Ermolov in Gus-Khrustalny, beaten him with a baseball bat, handcuffed, and started torturing with a hot iron demanding money. Upon receipt, they have fled. In May 2010 they had committed a similar crime against a person from the Republic of Mordovia.

In October 2013, in order to steal an expensive car, the gangsters attacked another family from Mordovia. The head of the family was a boxer, and they shoot him from the pistol and then killed with bats and crowbar.

The Investigations Directorate in the Vladimir Region noted that in almost all episodes women had been harmed. The total number of victims is 65; the total amount of damages sustained by them exceeds 50 million rubles.

Following a petition from the investigative authorities, all the suspects have been detained.

Currently, 100 volumes of the criminal case against Andrei Zakharov and Sergey Sizov, together with the approved indictment, have been transferred to the court for examination.

Ilya Bezzubov and Igor Denyapkin have made a plea deal during the investigation. The criminal cases against them have been separated from other defendants and are currently being examined by the Vladimir Regional Court.



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