Treasurer of Tsapok’s gang arrested in absentia, put on international wanted list

Treasurer of Tsapok’s gang arrested in absentia, put on international wanted list
Fyodor Streltsov

Fyodor Streltsov is accused of embezzling 30 million rubles ($440,000) from Rostov-based Agrokhim Avia and 16 agricultural plots with an area of 5.2 thousand hectares from Tsapkov gang themselves.

By the decision of the Leninsky district court of Rostov-on-Don, the founder of the Kushchevsky agrocomplex and treasurer of the notorious Tsapok OCG Fyodor Streltsov was put in custody in absentia and was put on the international wanted list.

According to Kommersant, the crimes that are incriminated to a Kuban entrepreneur are connected with the “Tsapkov legacy” – namely, large farmlands in the Kushchevsky district of Kuban. Streltsov is accused of exceeding his official power (part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and fraud on a large scale, connected with non-fulfillment of contractual obligations (part 7 of Art. 159).

The reason for initiating the last criminal case against Streltsov in the spring of 2018 was a statement by the head of the Rostov-based Agrokhim-Avia company, Aleksey Lagoshin. In May, the regional administration of the ICR announced Streltsov on the federal wanted list.

According to the investigators, since November 2016, the owner of the agricultural complex Kuschevsky, Fyodor Streltsov, has concluded an agreement with the Rostov OOO Agrokhim Avia for the supply of seeds to the agrocomplex and pest aids worth over 49 million rubles ($720,000). At the same time, the supply contract was made through a chain of intermediary firms (OOO Don-Agro-Plus to OOO Kompanion), and payment was also transferred there, although the goods were shipped to the agricultural complex immediately, directly. As a result, intermediary firms paid Agrokhim Avia 2.6 million rubles ($38,000) less than the agreed value of products. After that, Streltsov managed to persuade Agrokhim Avia to deliver to the agrocomplex Kuschevsky in the same way another batch of agricultural products and chemicals totaling more than 54 million rubles ($795,000). However, the payment to the supplier’s account through the intermediary companies was transferred only partially (20.6 million rubles ($303,000)). To get rid of the remaining debt to Agrokhim Avia, Streltsov conducted a series of fictitious transactions between Kompanion and Don-Agro-Plus, controlled by him, leaving the last of the laying companies the debtor to Agrokhim Avia.

In addition, Fyodor Streltsov is accused of embezzling 16 agricultural plots of the Tsapok’s gang (5.2 thousand hectares) through fraud after the arrest of its leader Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz. According to the case file, in April 2013, CJSC Mayak, the manager of the agricultural land in the village of Kushchevskaya, previously owned by the mother of Sergey Tsapok, transferred OOO Mayak for a year under a contract of re-leasing rights and obligations to these lands. The investigation revealed that OOO Mayak was actually controlled by Fyodor Streltsov through his girlfriend Elena Levdik and business associates. These actions, according to investigators' estimates, caused damage to the shareholders of CJSC Mayak in the amount of more than 210 million rubles ($3 mln).



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