Transbaikalia decriminalization: Members of Klyuchevskie OCG structural unit 

Transbaikalia decriminalization: Members of Klyuchevskie OCG structural unit
Seized weapons

The OCG was extorting money.

In Transbaikalia, law enforcers have halted the activity of an OCG, which was a structural unit of the Klyuchevskie gang. The OCG was actively engaged in extortion from entrepreneurs. In exchange for payment, the bandits promised to provide their patronage.  

“As a result of the large-scale measures conducted by police officers to decriminalize the region, an organized group, which is a structural unit of the Klyuchevskie OCG, have been detained. Six active members of the group have been simultaneously detained in different parts of Chita. Over the years, the detainees had been protecting citizens, who owned retail outlets in the city markets, and extorting money from them in exchange for protection,” Larisa Ivanova, head of the MIA region headquarters’ press service, said.

It is also noted that firearms, 2 million rubles, and documentation, which confirms the illegal activities of the organized crime group was seized during the searches conducted at the place of residence of the Klyuchevskie members.

The suspects are charged with extortion on an especially large scale, committed by an organized group (part 3 of Art. 163 of the Russian Criminal Code). The detainees are currently in a pre-trial detention center.

Spokesperson of the regional ICR Egor Markov added that according to the investigation, for several years, the OCG members had been extorting money from an entrepreneur engaged in logistics. The group members threatened they would kill the businessman if he did not give them 30% of his profits for the so-called protection. The businessman agreed to pay them, thus transferred about 1.1 million rubles ($18.2 thousand) to the bandits in the period from 2010 to 2012.

In addition, the investigation believes the OCG members have a long list of other crimes, including particularly serious ones. MIA officers are urging residents who could have been victims of the gang to contact the regional MIA Criminal Investigations Directorate.

Earlier on October 5, the Chita police detained an active member of the Klyuchevskie OCG Vladislav Telkin. The man had been internationally wanted for 12 years and lived on forged documents. The police officers detained the suspect during a special operation in Vladimir. He is suspected of murders, kidnappings, and other grave and especially grave crimes. 




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