Tina Kandelaki on talking to detained Senator Arashukov

Tina Kandelaki on talking to detained Senator Arashukov
Senator and Tina Kandelaki

The TV hostess called the news about the Senator’s detention an “unpleasant surprise.”

TV hostess Tina Kandelaki called Senator Rauf Arashukov, who is accused of taking part in an organized criminal community and putting pressure on witnesses, a “sociable and friendly person,” adding that they had nice neighborly talks and were “losing weight together by jogging in the morning.” 

“The news that Rauf Arashukov is suspected of a serious crime came as an unpleasant surprise to me,” the TV hostess said. 

Kandelaki explained that she wrote a post about Arashukov because their joint pictures were being actively spread via various Telegram channels.

“I won’t delete them. I have nothing to hide – no one is as transparent as me. At the same time, I believe in justice and don’t believe in impunity. Don’t break the law, and you won’t be next. This applies to everyone. Because there is every chance you’ll be next. This is how it works in Russia nowadays,” Kandelaki wrote. 

She noted that she knew nothing about Arashukov's alleged crimes. “We had a totally different subject when chatting in the gym,” the TV hostess explained. 

Rauf Arashukov was detained at a meeting of the Federation Council on January 30. Prior to that, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika read out a resolution on withdrawing immunity from the senator. Arashukov tried to escape. 

He has been charged with Participation in a Criminal Community (part 3 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), Pressure on a Witness (part 4 of Art. 309) and Murder (part 2 of Art. 105). According to the investigation, the senator is involved in the murders of Deputy Head of the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic youth movement Adyghe-Khase, Aslan Zhukov, and Advisor to the President of the KCR Fral Shebzukhov and pressure on the witness of Zhukov’s murder. During questioning, Arashukov said that he did not speak Russian good enough and demanded an interpreter. He has been in the Federation Council since 2016. 

Today, on January 30, the senator's father, Raul Arashukov, was detained at a Gazprom meeting in St. Petersburg.



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