Tikhon Apocalypse threatening to bring Judgment Day upon sinners 

Tikhon Apocalypse threatening to bring Judgment Day upon sinners
Tikhon Apocalypse is considered a leader and ideological inspiration of a criminal group Photo: The CrimeRussia

The repeated offender with 12 criminal records invented a bogus biography to conceal his identity.

41-year-old Tomsk resident Tikhon Savaofovich Apokalipsis (aka Apocalypse), also known as the 'lord’s servant' and the father of 6 children with 12 criminal records faced trial alongside with 55-year-old Nikolay Sabanin, 26-year-old Viktor Sannikov, 28-year-old Roman Devtyan, and 25-year-old driver Ilfat Miftakhov in Kazan. The men are suspected of violating items a, c, and h part 2 of Art. 126 (Abduction Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert with the Use of Violence out of Mercenary Motives) and items a and с part 2 of Art. 163 (Extortion Committed by a Group of Persons by Previous Concert with Violence) of the Russian Criminal Code. Apocalypse and his accessories planned and organized the kidnapping of entrepreneur German Yanukov, according to investigators.

Yanukov decided to become a tobacco wholesale intermediary in the summer of 2017. He met Viktor Sannikov who offered help for 20% of each contract. Yanukov later learned Sannikov has ties with the criminal community. The entrepreneur allegedly decided to stay away from the 'mafia' and stopped seeing Sannikov. Sannikov lured the young man out and met with him in a mall on Pobeda Avenue two weeks later. Two accessories of Sannikov beat Yanukov and forced him into a car with his almost-partner inside. Sannikov accused Yanukov of losing clients he had found due to the latter’s refusal to do business with him. He told Yanukov he owned money to Sannikov’s 'elder' associates for inconveniences and the failed deal. Yanukov was taken to an apartment in the Derbishki village where Apocalypse and Sabanin had already been waiting for him.

Nikolay Sabanin

Nikolay Sabanin

The latter told Yanukov he owed 850 thousand rubles ($14.4 thousand) to Apocalypse and Sannikov and 100 thousand rubles ($1.6 thousand) to Sabanin. To make him more compliant, Yanukov was then taken to another apartment where he was beaten and threatened with murder unless he paid. Yanukov agreed to pay eventually. However, he promised to pay the money in several installments over 2 months. He was to pay 200 thousand ($3.3 thousand) as early as in early August. Yanukov went to the police once the kidnappers released him. The police made a plan to catch the dangerous criminals.

August 8, Apocalypse and his accessories ordered a taxi for Yanukov that took him to Zavoyskogo Street. The entrepreneur was then forced into another car where the criminals began demanding money. That is when the police arrested them. It is worth mentioning that they rammed a police car trying to escape. 

Lord’s servant

Apocalypse was the leader and mastermind of the gang. It is worth mentioning that 'Apocalypse' is not a nickname but his actual last name. He changed his first, last, and patronymic names to Tikhon Savaofovich Apokalipsis once released from prison a year ago.

Tikhon Apocalypse

According to the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Republic of Tatarstan, he has 12 criminal records. His recent convictions include bodily harm, beating, and threat of homicide. He has also been convicted of vandalism, theft, hijacking, and attacking a police officer.

When questioned, Tikhon Apocalypse claimed he had come to Kazan to "start a new life" and that he had only met his accessories 3 months before the arrest. He said he was not involved with extortion and did not know he was a gang member, claiming he had come to Kazan 2 years ago and is a priest by the name 'Tikhon' serving in a church of Dormition of the Mother of God. Still, he immediately mentioned he lived his 'righteous' way of life in a betting shop where he would "analyze bets" and "catch sinners." It is worth mentioning that the church of Dormition of the Mother of God rector quickly denied Tikhon Apocalypse served in his church.

"As far as I know, all our servers are in the church. They are in the church now, and have been present at the morning service. We do not have such an employee, and we sure do not have such a church server. I know nothing of him having a father’s rank. We have all our people where they should be," father Aleksey Kraevsky told a Business-Online reporter.

Father Aleksey Kraevsky

Father Aleksey Kraevsky

The Lord’s servant turned out to be a single man and a father of 6. It seems Apocalypse tried go for pity by telling the investigators he has 6 children aged 2-16 that he supports. However, there were no records regarding children in Apocalypse’s new passport. Moreover, Yanukov was kidnapped while Apocalypse was still on probation. Apocalypse does not have a permanent place of residence, too. He does not have a priest’s rank either. He told these stories to cover his criminal activities.

Tikhon Apocalypse, Nikolay Sabanin, Viktor Sannikov and Roman Devtyan have been arrested, while driver Ilfat Miftakhov who is actively cooperating with the investigators has been placed under house arrest. In addition, the investigators believe the criminals might have extorted money from people.   



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