The “Shylo” organized crime group case: Maxim Kahn admitted to blackmailing

The “Shylo” organized crime group case: Maxim Kahn admitted to blackmailing
Mob boss Denis Shilin

A former authority of Khabarovsk city hall will be tried in the near future.

The General Prosecutor's Office has signed an indictment and the case against Maxim Kahn, Denis Shilin’s accomplice and one of the members of his organized crime group, engaged in kidnapping and extortion of money from wealthy businessmen for a long time, has been sent to the Solnechnogorsk Town Court for review on the merits.

Maxim Kahn is accused of crimes under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code - "Extortion", earlier he was suspected also in committing a crime under Art. 126 of the Criminal Code - "Abduction". However, Kahn pleads guilty only of extortion, claiming that he has never kidnapped anyone.

According to investigators, an organized criminal group which included Denis Shilin, Mikhail Timoshin and Igor Pronin, with Maxim Kahn’s help, in 2005, kidnapped a student of one of the Moscow universities. They first hid the latter in the basement of a house in the village in Moscow Region and then transported him to the Tula Region. The mother of a young man, Raisa Parshina, who was at the time a chairwoman of the board of directors of the Dalnevostochnaya Transportnaya Gruppa, was demanded a ransom of $ 7.2 million. The woman appealed to the law enforcement authorities, investigators have created a "mirror" email inbox and thus began to read the correspondence between the victim and the extortionists. Due to this, the operatives not only freed the student, but also figured out the initiators of this abduction. It was the State Duma Deupty Igor Sviridenko and the former head of the investments department in Khabarovsk government, co-founder of the Dalnevostochnoye zemlyachestvo NGO Maksim Kahn.

However, he managed to escape from the investigating authorities, and was placed on the international wanted list. In 2012, Kahn was detained in France, in February of 2016, he was extradited to his homeland.

Criminal cases against all members of the Shilin’s OPG were separated, two of them have already been sentenced to long prison terms. The criminal case against Mikhail Timoshin is now being heard in court and, in the near future, begin the trial against Maksim Kahn will also commence.



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