The nephew of the Deputy Defense Minister is believed to be the leader of St. Petersburg cash-out gang 

The nephew of the Deputy Defense Minister is believed to be the leader of St. Petersburg cash-out gang
A shot from the video of arrest

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Department of Russian MIA revealed the details of searches and arrests related to the case of money laundering and illegal VAT reimbursement.

In the morning on June 7th, in St. Petersburg a large-scale security forces operation to eliminate the criminal group which was engaged in money laundering took place.

The operation was executed by the investigative team of the Main Investigative Directorate of Russia in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region Department of Russian MIA and the FSB in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. According to the Russian MIA, the members of an organized group are suspected of embezzlement by illegal VAT refunds on a large scale.

They are also involved in illegal banking activity, money laundering, evasion of customs duties, evasion of duties for the use of funds and the repatriation of the illegal establishment of legal entities.

Overall, the security forces raided more than 60 residences of members of organized crime groups, as well as offices and production plants. It is noted that in the case the firms selling non-ferrous metal were involved. Operatives seized fake documents, printing and computer equipment. Official sources said the two leaders of the criminal group who came up with the illegal VAT reimbursement scheme coordinated the actions of all members of the group and distributed the illegally obtained funds among them.

According to "Fontanka", we are talking about Sergei Semenov and Alexey Anokhin. They are not familiar to ordinary Petersburgers. But it turned out that Anokhin is a nephew of Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova. Before her marriage, her name was Anokhina. Her career, according to the publication, started with the tax authorities of the Central District of St. Petersburg in the 10th inspection. In addition, she was a colleague of ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov when he worked at the Inspectorate for major taxpayers. Deputy Defense Minister Shevtsov was appointed in 2010.

The searches and detentions were affected also the tax authorities of St. Petersburg, because the illegal reimbursement of VAT is not possible without their protection.

It is already known that the criminals carried out their activities since 2011. There were 16 active members of the criminal group. Another 30 people were assisting them. The criminal group was divided into seven divisions, each of which supervised its own field: financial accounting, courier, "foremen" group, financial and production, registration, transportation and legal.

The investigation knows about 30 episodes of illegal VAT reimbursement totaling in more than 1 billion rubles, carried out with the use with of 70 controlled companies including affiliates of foreign companies and industrial enterprises located on the territory of St. Petersburg. Money was siphoned off to the Cyprus offshore company Lameran Ventures LTD. Most of the firms were "fly-by-nights".

The criminal case was initiated on the grounds of an offense under Part 4 of Article 159 (fraud) and Part 4 of Article 174.1 of the Russian Criminal Code (money laundering, acquired through the commission of a crime).

At present, the issue of the detention of suspects and bringing them to justice is addressed.

Video: The cash-out gang was detained in St. Petersburg

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