The defendants in the "case of the Russian mafia" in Spain require that hearings were held in Russia

The defendants in the "case of the Russian mafia" in Spain require that hearings were held in Russia
Gennady Petrov detained in Spain

Spanish judge insists on the proceeding to take place in the Kingdom, and even issued a "ban" on the transfer of the case.

Most of the defendants in the "case of the Russian mafia", which is investigated by the Spanish law enforcement agencies since 2008, insist that the investigation materials were handed over to Russia for further consideration. Almost all released detainees and bailed out persons of interest are citizens of the Russian Federation. The two countries have concluded the relevant agreements and precedents of transfer of criminal cases have already taken place.

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However, the judge of the Central Investigative Court No. 5 Jose De la Mata Amaya insists that all the accused individuals to turn up in the Kingdom, they will be sentenced at the trial, and then, they can serve their terms in prison in Russia. The judge even made a "final solution" that the hearing will take place only in Spain, and forbade appealing the ruling. But lawyers of the Russians suspects have filed a complaint against the Jose de la Mata Amaya "ban" and hope that the transfer of the criminal case materials to the Russian Federation will take place anyway.

According to Spanish investigators, more than 20 Russians are suspected of involvement in a criminal group, which has been involved in laundering of "Russian mafia’s" money for several years on the territory of the Kingdom. According to the Judge Jose de la Mata Amaya who is investigating the activities of the "Tambov" and "Malyshevsky" OCGs in Spain, the combined band includes such criminal kingpins as Alexander Malyshev and Gennady Petrov, a businessman Leonid Khristoforov, State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and his wife Elena Gindin and even former first Deputy Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor Igor Sobolewski, as well as more than a dozen of Russians and a few Spaniards. Some of them are in custody in the Kingdom, while others were released on bail and returned to Russia, many are in the international wanted list.

All the persons of interest were supposed to appear in person in the court of the Kingdom at the end of January 2016. Possible date of the trial opening in Spain is not known.



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