Telman Ismailov pens letter to Putin stating he may be wrongly charged with gang creation

Telman Ismailov pens letter to Putin stating he may be wrongly charged with gang creation
Telman Ismailov

The former Cherkizon owner spoke of the criminal case initiated against him.

The former co-owner of the Cherkizovsky market (Cherkizon) wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin stating that his business partners had set him up, Rosbalt reported citing sources.

The sources of the publication claim that the fugitive entrepreneur wrote the letter upon learning that the Investigative Committee was going to charge him with the creation of a criminal organization.

In his 12-page letter, Ismailov describes how the Cherkizovsky market was redistributed. In his opinion, his younger partners got larger shares of the market, while he was left with nothing. Moreover, after a while, he was pressed, threatened, and then prosecuted, he says.

This made the businessman leave the country, and at some point, he was declared wanted on charges of arranging two murders. In the letter, Ismailov speaks of connections and crimes allegedly committed by his former partners, claiming that he had nothing to do with the wrongdoings.

However, the source of the publication believes that Ismailov’s arguments are too weak and that he decided to write the letter only to somehow justify himself before the new charge is presented. The source said that the investigation has gathered a sufficient evidence base against the brother of Fazel Ismailov, the former Cherkizon co-owner, too, but the man cannot be interrogated since he is presumed to be hiding in Montenegro or France.

According to another source of the agency, the Ismailovs case now has seven counts of murder and murder attempts related to the conflict between the businessman and the criminal syndicates of Koptevskaya and Lyuberetskaya. The Koptevskaya conflict started from the fight for the right to control a few of Moscow’s wholesale markets: Lianozovsky, West Degunino, and several shopping centers.

However, some Koptevskaya men happened to be interested in the majority of items the Ismailovs laid eyes on, and were quite reluctant to share the profit. A conflict broke out between the then Koptevskaya leader, Andrei Lobanov (Loban), and the family of the Cherkizon owner. That turf war ended in the murder of the crime boss. According to the testimony of the right-hand man of Rafik, Telman Ismailov’s brother, his boss and Telman discussed options for eliminating the crime lord Andrei Lobanov in 2000. They were having dinner at the Praga restaurant that night and even went into the tiny details of the premeditated crime. Meanwhile, Ismailov denies any involvement in the turf war.

Concurrently, the Investigative Committee stepped up the investigation into the abduction of the singer Avraam Russo, where Telman Ismailov is also held as the key suspect.



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