Teenage gangsters wore prison bracelets to make St. Petersburg shudder

Teenage gangsters wore prison bracelets to make St. Petersburg shudder
The gang of teenagers Photo: VKontakte

At least two of the teenagers from the AUE gang have a criminal record and wore prison bracelets that tracked all their movements.

Some of those belonging to the gang of AUE teenagers had prior convictions. Two of them even wore prison bracelets on their legs. The devices tracked all of their movements.

"The question arises, why were they even on the streets?" asks Yana Lantratova, a member of the Civil Society and Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

The St. Petersburg teenage gangster concern the Council, too. "Adolescents joining criminal subcultures are not something unheard of. People keep saying there’s some kind of a boom. This is not the case. The thing is that a lot of new departments have opened lately: law enforcement bodies that focus on this phenomenon in particular. They find out about every incident that occurs and initiate proceedings", MK quoted Lantratova as saying.

On August 24, a group of about 20 teenagers was attacking and beating up passers-by in the Tauride Garden. About 16 people were injured, including an elderly woman. A 24-year-old gymnasium teacher and a man who was walking with his wife got serious injuries. The latter was taken to the hospital with a double fracture of the jaw; his wife had her nose broken.

Initially, police were reluctant to accept statements from the victims. All of the teenagers had been familiar to the MIA since a group of minors had already beaten people two weeks before and an investigation was underway.

Eventually, a criminal case was initiated for the violation of the articles "Beating" and "Deliberate infliction of bodily harm". On August 29, police detained two 17-year-olds, one of whom is believed to be the gang leader.



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