Tatarstan: after 21 years murder case of authority of gang called Hadi Taktash solved

Tatarstan: after 21 years murder case of authority of gang called Hadi Taktash solved
Eduard Khairullin is in the middle row, second from the left

Eduard Khairullin nicknamed Econ was killed by a member of the gang.

The Tatarstan MIA employees solved the murder of the 23-year-old gang member Eduard Khairullin nicknamed Econ committed in 1995.

As the agency’s press-service reports, in August of the same year in the Volga River near the island Narimennikova of Zelenodolsk District, a bag with fragments of the male body in it was found: hands, feet and head. The victim was Eduard Khairullin. On September 1, 1995 law enforcers opened a criminal case under Art. 103 (Murder) of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. Investigation of the case was suspended because the investigators could not found the perpetrators at the time.

Only in the summer of 2016, the operatives were able to establish a suspect. According to information the police obtained, Econ was killed while relaxing at the cottage on the bank of the Volga, organized by the Hadi Taktash gang leader Radik Galiakberov (Raja). At the dacha, apart from them, there were four other gang members. Between Khairullin and 26-year-old Farit Munipov nicknamed Forik a conflict rose. Forik accused Econ in connections with the rival gang. The verbal duel turned into a fight, during which Munipov pulled on a revolver and shot Khairullin. After that, the killer and the witnesses left the scene of the crime. Later, Forik returned to the bank of the Volga to dismember the body and throw it into the river. In 1995, when relatives and friends became aware of Khairullin’s disappearance, the murderer told them that the man stole the common fund of the gang and fled. Munipov put the police officers upon a wrong track, telling them that Econ had a conflict with the members of Zelenodolsk criminal gangs.

Three of the now convicted members of Hadi Taktash who were present that day at the dacha, confirmed the information to the police. However, there is no one to be punished for the murder. Munipov died in an accident in October 1996. The criminal investigation is terminated.

It is to be recalled that in the 90s, the OCG Hadi Taktash or Raja’s Gang controlled more than 40 commercial structures in Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as a significant proportion of drug trafficking and the prostitution market in Tatarstan. A big part of funeral business in Kazan was also under its supervision.

In 2002, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan has convicted the main members of the OCG. 13 participants of the Hadi Taktash were convicted of banditry, 11 murders, and extortion. The leaders of the gang Radik Galiakberov (Raja) and Renat Fakhrutdinov (Rintik) were sentenced to life imprisonment. The case materials included 32 volumes, over 500 witnesses were interviewed, and more than 200 examinations were conducted. Nobody believed that the proceedings will be brought to an end, including the defendants themselves.



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