Tambovskaya gang mobs give confessions in Spanish National court

Tambovskaya gang mobs give confessions in Spanish National court
The courtroom Photo: Elmundo.es

Mikhail Rebo and Leonid Hazin admitted the existence of a money-laundering scheme by the acquisition of real estate in Spain.

Two defendants in the case of the Tambovskaya gang in Spain, detained Troika operation, admitted the existence of money-laundering scheme by the acquisition of Spanish real estate, RIA Novosti reports.

In February 2018, 18 of the 27 members of the Tambovskaya gang found themselves behind bars; they were engaged in legalization of criminal proceeds in Spain. Leaders of the gang Gennady Petrov and Alexander Malyshev fled Spain. One of the defendants is State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik. His wife Diana Gindin is also on the dock.

On Tuesday, February 20, the Audiencia Nacional questioned Mikhail Rebo, Leonid Hazin and Yury Salikov. The interrogation of the latter will last at subsequent court sessions.

Rebo admitted that in the early 2000s he laundered money through German and two Cypriot companies in favor of the leader of the organized crime group, Alexander Malyshev and his wife Olga Solovyova. The defendant made a plea deal and got two years of imprisonment and a fine of 1.6 million euros.

Hazin disclosed the details of the money-laundering scheme through companies registered in Spain, Great Britain, Panama and Liechtenstein. According to him, the owner of the shell companies was Sergey Kuzmin. The Prosecutor's Office demanded 1-year-imprisonment and a fine of 26.000 euros.

Salikov, who lived in Majorca next door to Gennady Petrov, went back from his previous testimony that asserted he was familiar with the organized crime group leader for 30 years. He said that he left the USSR in 1989 and was a Petrov business partner of "for a short time". So, they ran Sunstar Inversiones, which, according to the Prosecutor's Office, "did not conduct any commercial activity." According to Salikov, he did not know about Petrov's criminal record. Also, Salikov traversed any contact with another main suspect in the case of the Tambovskaya gang, Alexander Malyshev, and his civil wife Olga Solovyova.

The next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, February 21. The defense party demanded to provide the originals of all documents appearing in the case. Prosecutor José Grinda said that the documents were at the disposal of the parties for 10 years, but the court decided to satisfy the request of lawyers. The process had to last two weeks, but it could run over.

The investigation of the Tambovskaya gang’s case had lasted 11 years. The Prosecutor's Office demands 5.5 years’ imprisonment and fines of 100 million euros.



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