Tajikistan denies Tajik mafia war in Moscow

Tajikistan denies Tajik mafia war in Moscow

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan denies the crime boss Lutfullo’s involvement in the secret services of the Republic, calling him a former operative. While the General and Deputy Madzhidzoda argues it is an attempt to discredit honest Tajik entrepreneurs in Moscow

Information about the onset of a criminal war between the Tajik criminal clans of Abudzhabbor and Lutfullo in Moscow has received an official response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan.

The contradiction posted on Tajikistan MIA’s website notes that Mukhammadiev Lutfullo Abdukhamidovich, mentioned by Rosbalt’s source, has never been a commander of the MIA Special Forces.

According to law enforcement authorities of the republic, “in the late 90's - early 2000's, Lutfullo Mukhammadiev actually worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs; he was an operative of one of the offices; but in 2001, by order of the minister, he was dismissed for actions discrediting the title of the police officer,” the Tajikistan MIA reports in a message.

Russian colleagues have not provided the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan with any information regarding the Tajik mafia redistributing spheres of influence in Moscow.

Let us recall that November 13, Rosbalt news agency reported about an attack on the Tajik crime boss Lutfullo in Moscow, whom his former business partner Abudzhabbor had decided to eliminate to avoid paying a great share for protecting markets and other business facilities employing Tajikistani natives.

According to the news agency, Khadzhi Abudzhaborr has control over all Tajik workers in the Moskva and Yuzhny Dvor shopping centers, a variety of markets (including Sadovod) and cemeteries. He began his career as a foreman of a loader crew; eventually, the thief in law Oleg Ashkhabadsky and his underboss Shukhrat, who were overseeing teams of Tajik workers in Moscow on behalf of the criminal community, designated Abudzhabbor responsible for collecting tribute from fellow countrymen. Lutfullo and another ex-security enforcer Mustafa used to provide strong-arm cover to Abudzhaborr, receiving a large part of income in exchange.

However, it got to a point where Abudzhabbor grew tired of such state of things. After putting a team of military forces together, mainly comprised of athletes, he organized a hit on Mustafa, firing at least 14 bullets in him at a house entrance, and then on Shukhrat.

Having smoothed the path, Abudzhabbor began collecting tribute directly from the leaders of markets and shopping centers. Lutfullo sided with the new leader, although the deceased Mustafa was his relative.

Meanwhile, Abudzhabbor’s influence had grown, and soon he came up with new types of earnings for his crime group, forcing Tajik workers to collect recyclable materials on an industrial scale, eventually bringing him a huge income. He set up several teams to attack cash carriers. Abudzhabbor did not want to share the new earnings with Lutfullo, and an attempt was made to eliminate the latter just like Mustafa and Shukhrat. However, as the news agency reports, Lutfullo has survived, and is now assembling a team to strike back.

An anonymous source in the MIA of Russia said that the erupting war between the Tajik clans may develop into a slaughter of menacing proportions, after which everyone will forget about the Khovanskoye Cemetery incident.

However, the law enforcement authorities of Tajikistan claim that Moscow residents have no reason to fret. The Deputy Dzhurakhon Madzhidzoda, the former Head of the Tajik Department for Organized Crime Control and the Major General, has concurred with the MIA’s official commentary. The Deputy accused Russian journalists in spawning a myth and said that “some people might benefit from the fact that the businessmen natives of Tajikistan, respected among fellow countrymen” are cast in a negative light.

“From what I hear, a native of the Rudaki district Khadzhi Abudzhabbor, who possesses a reliable business in Moscow, helps many of his compatriots,” the General Madzhidzoda has told, stressing that he is armed with an official announcement of the MIA of Russia, according to which Abudzhabbor’s people have no relation to the slaughter on the Khovanskoye cemetery, as it had been previously reported.



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