Taganskaya OCG’s arms cache was stored in Kubinka military garrison 

Taganskaya OCG’s arms cache was stored in Kubinka military garrison
A small part of the discovery Photo: Still from the video

The military were subjected to an inspection.

The arms cache discovered in the Moscow region by investigators and FSB officers belonged to the Taganskaya OCG. The discovery of the cache was reported on March 20. Siloviki seized 36 kilograms of explosives, about 100 firearms, as well as 15 thousand cartridges of different caliber. 

It is reported that the cache was found in one of the buildings on the territory of the Kubinka military garrison. Preliminary version indicates that part of the weapons had been stolen from military warehouses, and the other part had been brought by OCG members. 

As reported by REN TV, after the discovery of the cache, a case against unidentified military was separated from the criminal case against members of the Taganskaya OCG. The Military Investigation Department is checking the garrison employees for involvement in the placement of a group’s warehouse. 


The cache was discovered only after the arrests of several OCG representatives. Thus, 42-year-old Marat Yanbukhtin, suspected of the murder of lawyer Natalya Vavilina, was detained in 2017. A criminal case of Murder (Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code) and Illegal Sale of Arms (Art. 222) was initiated against the hit man. After the arrest of Yanbukhtin, the group leaders Igor Zhirnokleev (Zhirny) and Grigory Rabinovich (Grisha Tagansky) were also arrested. 


They were charged with the organization of the murder of Rospishcheprom Director General, Valery Zhuravlev, in 2008. In addition, they were suspected of the illegal seizure of the Moskva department store on Leninsky Prospekt. It is reported that one of the OCG members told investigators about the arms cache.

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